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    DHS admits losing track of nearly 50,000 migrants, will try tracking another way

    DHS admits losing track of nearly 50,000 migrants, will try tracking another way

    Author Frank
    Publish date Yesterday at 2:06 PM

    President Joe Biden's administration has had a terrible first year and it just gets worse. They now admit to losing track of almost 50,000 migrants who were released from custody of the Border Patrol during bizarre circumstances that caused chaos. The Department of Homeland Security, who is responsible for this major failure, will begin tracking migrants using cellphones in the fall. There is a process to it which is outlined in the report calling out the DHS and Biden's failures.

    The report states the following: "Starting in the fall, the Department of Homeland Security opted to conditionally allow noncitizens to leave through a process called parole, three people familiar with the federal immigration operation told the Washington Examiner. Under parole, migrants are still being discharged from Border Patrol facilities on the border, but their records have been digitally transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency responsible for tracking noncitizens within the country. Those released have also been outfitted with ankle monitors or have installed a phone app that allows authorities to keep tabs on them."

    How on Earth does an administration mess up this bad? Was this major malfunction done on purpose or just terrible people in positions of power, people who should never be making logical decisions if they can't even keep track of the migrants being released.

    The report goes on: "The Biden administration implemented the parole policy in an attempt to stop losing track of tens of thousands of migrants as it did by relying on them to check in with the government on their own. Until early fall, the Biden administration released many from custody with documents known as notices to report — a document telling them to check in with ICE once they reach their destination in the interior of the country. Of 100,000 released and told to report to ICE between mid-March and August, 47,000 failed to check in."

    I get mad when I lose the remote somewhere in the living room. Now imagine your government losing track of almost 50,000 people who are flooding into your country.

    And just think, it's only the first year of Joe Biden's presidency and we're stuck with him unless something drastic happens or he resigns, which we know won't happen because Democrats simply refuse to give up any power they have. Just look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg who could have retired when Barack Obama was president - but she refused and that ended up with Donald Trump getting an extra Supreme Court nomination. It's like the Democrats simply refuse to know when to quit, even if it's the right thing to do.

    DHS admits losing track of nearly 50,000 migrants, will try tracking another way | My Daily Freedom / Conservative Trump Supporter News and Videos
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    They should not be "tracked", and certainly not at taxpayer expense.

    They should be immediately expelled from our soil upon apprehension.

    If they have no legal papers, then no entry and NO rights.


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