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    DHS Secretary Smiles, Claims He Doesn’t Remember Saying “We Are Not Saying ‘Don’t Com

    DHS Secretary Smiles, Claims He Doesn’t Remember Saying “We Are Not Saying ‘Don’t Come’” To Illegals…He Did Say It!

    By Leisa Audette | May 13, 2021

    Biden’s DHS Secretary is a sly fox who said to Senator Jeff Hawley that he doesn’t remember saying, “We are not saying ‘don’t come.'” He said it during a press conference on March 1st! Secretary Mayorkas has had years to polish his lying skills and used them expertly in his answer to Hawley. He dodged the answer by saying he never said the border is open.

    Watch below and watch the body language when Mayorkas claims he doesn’t remember:

    Here is the video that Senator Hawley should have played:

    “We are not saying don’t come. We are saying don’t come now because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible.”

    CBS News

    DHS Secretary Mayorkas says asylum seekers should wait to come to U.S. as Biden administration rebuilds immigration process"We are not saying don't come. We are saying don't come now, because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible"

    12:35 PM · Mar 1, 2021

    Senator Ron Johnson also went after Masyporkas for lying through his teeth:

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is really good at twisting the truth and didn’t hesitate to lie before the US Senate. The problem is that great patriots like Senator Ron Johnson won’t let him get away with lying.

    After Mayorkas gave his testimony, Senator Johnson displayed a chart with the numbers of migrant children in the US over the past two years.
    “There’s the picture proof that this is his crisis.”

    Senator Ron Johnson

    Where are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on this crisis? They knew full well their polices would create this human depredation and inhumanity.

    5:27 PM · May 12, 2021

    They knew their policies would cause the tragedy happening now. You have to ask yourself why they would do this.

    Biden’s DHS Secretary has been in on the effort to flood America with illegals for many years. Watch the video below where he is sitting right next to Biden, who admits he wants to overload the system:

    In February of 2015, Joe Biden opened his mouth and spilled the beans, telling exactly what the Democrats had planned for Americans. Sitting right next to him is his future DHS Chief, who is now doing everything he can to facilitate Biden’s plan.

    Please listen to what Biden said in 2015 and what Sue Payne revealed about the left’s plan for a “New America.”

    This plan puts Americans last and the third worlders they’ve been importing first. It’s a plan to redistribute wealth by importing poor migrants via immigration or refugee resettlement. The globalist agenda…

    These initial “new Americans” are to be used as “seedlings” in the construction of a “country within a country.

    Yes, Joe Biden wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing” (February 2015)

    Woj Pawelczyk

    Fact-Check: Yes, Joe Biden wants an "unrelenting stream of immigration" that will make "Caucasians like me" the minority. And that's a "good thing"
    (February 2015)

    9:46 PM · Nov 27, 2018

    TASK FORCE ON NEW AMERICANS FOR A NEW AMERICA: How Obama’s administration weaponized illegal aliens and refugees, and Biden is continuing the plan:

    Journalist and radio host Sue Payne reveals to Mark Levin what we’ve been saying about what’s happening to small towns all across America. Ms. Payne was lucky enough to be privy to a plan for building a ‘country within a country’ using illegals and refugees. This is terrible for America and is a serious blow to our economy, jobs, and way of life. Please listen to Sue Payne and read the bullet points below. Google “Welcoming America” and check to see if they’re in your town, then you’ll know if your town is a target. Yes, this is the fundamental transformation Obama was talking about.

    Sue Payne was privy to listening in on multiple conference calls between Barack Obama and 16 members of his cabinet. What she uncovered was shocking and disturbing.

    The administration’s weaponization of illegal aliens and refugees may be far more sinister than even the most ardent opponents have yet imagined.

    On one of these calls, Obama conducted a meeting with his new ‘Task Force On New Americans,’ chaired by radical Cecilia Munoz, former vice president of the radical, Hispanic race-supremacy group La Raza (‘The Race’).


    “Remember when he (Obama) went to Las Vegas? The media said he was signing an executive order for five million illegal aliens to become deferred. In reality, what he did was sign a memorandum that created the ‘Task Force On New Americans,’ which would implement his ‘amnesty mill’ for the five million illegals – which I believe is going to be more than that… On these conference calls, it became clear that he’s looking at 13 to 15 million to give protection and move them on to citizenship.” – Payne.

    These initial “new Americans” are to be used as “seedlings” in the construction of a “country within a country,” which would help complete a full ‘fundamental transformation’ of the United States.

    Specific cities are being designated as “receiving communities” (sanctuary cities – we now have 300!) to which illegals are being bused and flown at the expense of American taxpayers. These communities are being used as incubators for an entirely new population that assist in bringing ‘people in the shadows into the light – to essentially conquer proper citizens and push them into the underclasses over time.

    Cabinet members discussed the importance of designating upon these illegals ‘refugee status,’ and to then make them aware of their ‘rights’ as they pertain to massive income tax credits (to the tune of $35,000 in some cases), free medical care, free in-state tuition, 0% personal loans, credit cards, and other forms of ‘free cash’ – all at taxpayer expense.

    Additionally, there was an emphasis placed on the importance of waves of older illegal immigrants “aging successfully” by being immediately slip-streamed into the Social Security program that the Congressional Budget Office has already warned will be completely exhausted by 2030. This is, of course, despite the fact that they would be illegally and undeservedly sucking dry the mandatory lifetime contributions of American workers.

    It was also made clear that this ‘protected class’ of illegal aliens from South and Central America, Mexico, Haiti, Syria, Africa, and the Middle East would not be interested in – nor expected to be – integrating, but to instead “navigate” their way through our society and culture until theirs’ dominate. Read more: AFP

    On November 21, 2014, the Task Force on New Americans was formed. Task Force began meeting until Jan – Feb 2015, when a series of three (3) listening sessions was conducted to gather information to prepare a report due to the president by March 2015.

    During the three listening sessions, it was disclosed that representatives of the White House and all cabinet members and immigrant groups would share information to be included in the report.

    Some of the information exchanged was:

    Immigrants should be viewed as seedlings to be planted in fertile soil to grow. The fertile soil was equated to the “receiving communities,” which would be those communities the illegal aliens are now living in. Still, once out of the shadows, these communities become welcoming or receiving communities.

    Others commented that these same communities would be viewed as “emergent immigrant communities.”

    As a listener on the call, it was easy to logically see how these communities would welcome immigrants out of the shadows. Still, also, it could be construed that the host community members might well be relegated into the shadows. In essence, the seedlings consume the host, and what was once the original community is transformed.

    One comment cautioned against assuming these “New Americans” would want to assimilate. The interest was in navigation, not assimilation, and the navigation was through the system, focused on benefits.

    Another commented that not all the New Americans would want work permits; rather, many immigrant women wanted to be home with their children and not work, provided taxpayer benefits are secured for them and their children.

    *Another suggestion indicated that the Task Force considers these New Americans as refugees or asylum seekers and considered for cash, medical, educational, and housing benefits.

    *Testimony by John Conyers reveals that the effort to rename and therefore reclassify illegals as refugees is happening:

    Video at link.

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