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    Disturbing mysteries of danger and betrayal

    Micro wave disrupter, Iranian spies

    Disturbing mysteries of danger and betrayal

    By Dr. Laurie Roth
    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Just this week I interviewed two guests who exposed things that cannot stand and can’t just be whisked by as we stare at the bright shiny thing flying by our left side. Neither story has been in the news, but I intend to tell you about them both. You have a right to know and make up your own mind if these events matter.

    First of all: Each week I visit Michael Carlin, editor and publisher of Century City News in LA., on Thursdays. We explore an idea he is cultivating and writing about called the ‘Why not plan.’ This is a comprehensive idea as to how to really deal with illegal immigration, our national security and economic needs and risks. Check it out

    This week on Michael’s segment we explored the national security risks and dangers coming across the border and in the course of our conversation, he revealed to me something that he was told directly by detectives in the LA area. This event was completely hushed up and did not hit the media. In fact, when the Detectives were told that Michael Carlin was an editor and publisher of a major paper in LA, he was begged not to print anything about this story. Being a man of honor, he said he would not. However, he never said he would not tell the truth to the American people, thus he shared what happened with me on air. No one ever told me not to write about it.

    Iranian Diplomat with a Spanish passport caught while establishing a ‘supply route’ of high level attack devices/weapons

    What he shared was that about 1 year ago, authorities discovered an Iranian Diplomat with a Spanish passport caught while establishing a ‘supply route’ of high level attack devices/weapons, from Nicaragua and up through Mexico-Tijuana to America. The plan was to be in position to attack America, especially around the time last year when Israel and America were putting additional international heat on Ahmadinejad and Iran due to his bold movement with his nuclear plans.

    Carlin was at a meeting where this arrest was announced by the Detectives. The Iranian terrorist/diplomat was discovered by a woman at a rental car agency who was Spanish and who noticed that his Spanish was not good and he did not return his rental car. He slipped up and was noticed. What if his bad Spanish had not been noticed and his dangerous supply route of deadly weapons and plans for America not discovered a year ago? Would part of LA and Phoenix be gone or worse?

    His supply route plans were discovered and a serious potential attack was barely thwarted. What horrified me about this story was way more than Iran planning an organized attack strategy against America, coming up through our borders with dangerous weapons. The deeper story that is horrifying to me is that this was all hushed up and Americans weren’t allowed to know about such a severe, near miss!

    This ‘illegal alien’ was obviously representing ‘family values’ as Bush used to refer to them. Bush did a lot of good in many ways, but was also a globalist, and supporter of the North American Union…..bad thing. He also called the Minute Men vigilantes instead of patriots and heroes…..bad thing.

    There are millions of mystery people here. How many are Islamic terrorists from Iran or other Muslim countries who didn’t get caught with their false passport and bad Spanish? Our country is in extreme danger and we are sitting ducks NOT because of Islamic radicals, illegal aliens and Iranian diplomats who want to do us in. They are all doing what they do…..attack, find ways around the law, lie, cheat and steal. We are in extreme danger because of our 5th column President, media and liberal politicians who continuously lie to us as to who is coming over the border and for what! Apparently they think we are too dumb or would panic too much to actually know the risks we are facing in our country.

    We saw this same spin away from any real truth as to how the mystery missile shot up 35 miles off of Catalina Island and LA. Doug Hagmann, master private Investigator and regular guest on The Roth Show, investigated and verified from his high level sources that it was indeed a missile. Most think it was a warning shot and flexing of muscles by a Chinese sub. Who knows, but we certainly don’t need minimizing, idiot lies about it from our Government. Maybe Obama can start an ‘under seas contingency operation’.

    Another mystery still unfolding

    The next mystery story that is most weird involves retired State Trooper Greg Evenson. Greg does a talk show on RBN and writes regularly for Recently I was called by Greg’s web master Jacqueline Flanigan, who is also the editor and publisher of She shared odd attacks on her web site and continuous hacking. Even more frightening was when she lived in Arizona in a residential area. She reported hearing and seeing a black helicopter flying low behind her house and hovering, then flying away quickly. She didn’t see who was flying it but said she was very frightened. What is up with that? Know one knows…..yet.

    Jacqueline shared the story of Greg Evenson and what happened to him on Tuesday, the 26th of Nov. at his home. Wanting to verify the facts of what she shared, I called Greg directly and confirmed the story. It is still a mystery to solve, but what he says happened, is that on Tuesday morning he was looking out his home window when he saw a blue flash of light in the forest, perhaps 75 yards away. It was startling and very bright, out of nowhere so he turned to his niece and said “Did you see that?
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    I couldnt read it all

    To me, it's just another concealed amnesty ploy.

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