28 Jun 2017
Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Wednesday at the White House President Donald Trump hosted families that have loved ones who were killed by illegal aliens, as Congress prepares to vote on several immigration bills.

Trump touted a series of immigration bills that he said, if enacted, would “close the dangerous loopholes exploited by criminals, gang members, drug dealers, killers, terrorists. MS-13 is a prime target.”

The President acknowledged the several angel families that came out for the roundtable meeting:

"Countless innocent Americans, including the loved ones of many families in the room — and many of these families are friends of mine — great friends of mine that I got to know over the campaign trail because they fought so hard for this. And they are with us. They’ve had members of their family killed by illegal immigrants and, really, people with multiple — in some cases, multiple deportations."

Jamiel Shaw Sr., Sabine Durden, Michelle Wilson-Root, Steve Ronnenbeck, Mary Ann Mendoza, Dan Golvach, Julie Golvach, Laura Wilkerson, Melissa Oliver-Storz, and Juan Pina were among those who participated in the afternoon meeting.

Trump turned attention to Shaw and the son lost when an illegal alien gang member just released from jail shot and killed Jamiel Shaw Jr.

“You lost the people that you love because our government refused to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. And that’s even the existing immigration laws, without new laws,” said Trump.

He continued, “For years, the pundits, journalists, politicians in Washington refused to hear your voices, but on Election Day, 2016, your voices were heard all across the entire world. Right? You better believe it. Nobody died in vain, I can tell you.”

Trump spoke about the Davis-Oliver Act, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, and Kate’s Law during the event.

The President said of a package of immigration bills:

"This package includes the Davis-Oliver Act, whose passage I called for nearly a year ago at my inauguration speech and immigration speech — both — the immigration speech taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. The Davis-Oliver Act was named for Detective Michael Davis and Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver, who were gunned down in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record and two prior deportations. And everybody knew this person was big, big trouble, and they begged law enforcement to get him out. And they were unable to do that."

Trump turned to Melissa Oliver, saying, “I just want to say that your father was a true hero — and you know that — and a great gentleman, and we miss him. You miss him. We miss him.”

Reps. Bob Goodlatte, Peter King, and Lou Barletta were present for the discussion with the immigration crime victims. Trump acknowledged each of them. Goodlatte is leading the effort behind the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Goodlatte affirmed to Trump that he would have enough votes to pass the bill.

Debate continues on the host of immigration bills and what they will face should they move on to the Senate. Republican Congressman Andy Biggs told Breitbart News earlier in the week that he believed Grant’s Law would have the votes to pass in the House, but admitted he was unsure about whether it could pass in the U.S. Senate, where there is a much smaller Republican majority.

“It’s time to support our police, to protect our families, and to save American lives. And also to start getting smart,” said Trump before calling on each of the family members who have lost their loved ones because of criminal aliens to tell their stories.

Each one spoke of their lost loved ones. Many thanked Trump for taking on the issue of illegal immigration and for his work to see laws on the issue passed.

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Tomorrow the House votes on #KatesLaw & No Sanctuary For Criminals Act. Lawmakers must vote to put American safety first! #SaveAmericanLives
6:51 PM - 28 Jun 2017

After the meeting Durden told Breitbart News there was so much compassion in the room, calling it the best day of her life. She said they would like to see the border wall built and DACA rescinded, but added, “So much already happened. Where would we be if Hillary [Clinton] was in power? We wouldn’t even be acknowledged. You would have illegals …” She said she was very encouraged about the progress on the issue of illegal immigration under the Trump administration and expressed that they are patient to a “certain extent,” that things are moving quickly, and that Trump has not forgotten them.