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    Donald Trump Launches Hotline for Veterans, Calls for American Flag to be at Half-Sta

    Donald Trump Launches Hotline for Veterans, Calls for American Flag to be at Half-Staff for Tennessee Shooting Victims

    by Alex Swoyer, July 21, 2015

    GOP presidential candidate. Donald Trump, who recently made media headlines with a spat between him and Senator John McCain (R-AZ), is announcing a move to show he is committed to the military and veterans.

    First, Trump is calling for all American flags to be flown at half-staff to honor the five military members who were killed in the Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting last week by a “devout Muslim,” as CNN described the shooter.

    Second, Trump is establishing a hotline and email address for veterans to share their stories on how the Veterans Administration should be reformed. He pledges that if elected president he will take care of the veteran complaints “very quickly and efficiently like a world-class businessman can do, but a politician has no clue.”

    The hotline is 855-VETS-352 and email is

    Trump stated, “This disgraceful omission is unacceptable and yet another example of our incompetent politicians. It is a simple yet meaningful and important gesture that signifies our respect and recognition for these great soldiers who lost their lives. We must do better for all Americans, especially our military. We must Make America Great Again!”

    A senior member of Trump’s campaign told Breitbart News the hotline is a place for veterans to share their stories. Trump will be personally responding to some of the messages.

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    How do others read this action? I am wanting to see it as when Donald sticks his foot into the crappola, he takes positive action. I find that next to impossible to criticize. I've not heard any of the other candidates criticizing it, but with all those candidates, who can keep up with all of them?

    This morning it struck me that SINCE The PARTY WANTS TO CRIICIZE TRUMP, ESPECIALLY THEIR OTHER CANDIDATES, they could have short circuited him by beating him to punch on this issue. God knows that republicans have ONLY had 29 years to confront these truths. That very
    loudly broadcasts that as a party the RNC for 29 years had absolutely no intention of confronting a policy change that was a good thing for Americans.

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