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    BREAKING: Donald Trump Calls for the immediate Resignation of Barack H. Obama

    Conservative Tribune

    Billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump just called for the immediate resignation of Barack H. Obama on Twitter for an important reason.
    Love him or hate him, but if anyone knows whether someone should be fired, it's Donald Trump.
    Do you agree with Trump?

    BREAKING: Donald Trump Calls for the Resignation of Barack H. Obama [TWEET]
    It's about time...

    BREAKING: Donald Trump Calls for the Resignation of Barack H. Obama [TWEET]

    Billionaire Donald Trump has been one of President Obama’s most vocal critics since he took office, but the businessman has taken to Twitter to issue his harshest rebuke yet.
    For the last several weeks Trump has been speaking out against Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis (or lack thereof), but after a man in New York City tested positive for the sickness, he decided it was time to take the gloves off. (H/T Newsmax)
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    He sent out a series of tweets saying, “If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa,has Ebola,then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign!” He continued, “I have been saying for weeks for President Obama to stop the flights from West Africa. So simple, but he refused. A TOTAL incompetent!”
    Trump, along with Congressional Republicans, have been calling for a travel ban on Ebola infected countries from the beginning, but the president and his liberal cohorts have drug their feet on the issue, insisting it wouldn’t help or even suggesting its racist. Their lack of action is needlessly putting American lives in harm’s way.
    After calling out the president for his lack of leadership, he then went THERE: “I never thought I’d say it in my lifetime, but President Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Sotoro, is a far worse president than Jimmy Carter!” Ouch. Trump is right on all counts. Obama has been a no show during the Ebola ordeal, and he’s making Carter look like George Washington, which is not an easy feat.

    The lack of leadership coming from the Whitehouse is astounding. The American people deserve better from their president, who by all accounts has checked out of his presidency early. A travel ban must be implemented now if we are to prevent Ebola from continuing its spread. Obama’s failure to exercise common sense on this and other issues means Trump is right, the president should resign, and spare America from anymore of his terrible policies.

    Please share on Facebook and Twitter is you agree with Trump and think Obama should resign.
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