Vintage Marsala
Enforce the Laws We Have
by K.L. Marsala
Friday, July 22, 2005

Illegal immigration continues to grow at an alarming rate in Arizona and all across our U.S. borders. We are only seven months into the year 2005 and already in the state of Arizona, there have been over 700 illegal aliens picked up by Border Patrol and 170 deaths due to the extreme weather conditions across the barren wasteland that lies between Arizona and the land of the illegal aliens.

Arizona state legislators have been hard at work trying to implement a plan to stop the traffic flow, but they have been finding nothing but roadblocks set up by Arizona’s Governor, Janet Napolitano. Napolitano professes to be diligently working to stop the illegal aliens from crossing our borders, but her record of accomplishment of vetoing bills to halt illegal alien crossings and the closed-door summit held recently in Flagstaff, Arizona (that she did not attend) is uncovering Napolitano’s true colors on this imperative security issue.

According to State Representative Russell Pearce, the following are bills Arizona’s Governor has vetoed:

SB1306 (Pearce) Authorizes peace officers to investigation, apprehend, detain or remove aliens in the enforcement of United States immigration laws. Already authorized under federal law and April 1st a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court razed any concerns on this issue and made it clear that law enforcement can enforce immigration laws. Any decision by local law enforcement not to enforce these laws is simply political on the part of local politicians and Police Chiefs and Sheriffs.

SB1118 (Pearce) Voter registration; provisional ballot; address, implements the voting-related provisions of Prop. 200

SB1167 (Pearce) Establishes English as the official language of Arizona and requires that official actions be conducted in English and requires the State to do all it can to enhance and promote English as the Official Language.

SB1402 (Pearce) Part of the initially vetoed budget bills (was a separate bill was decided to put it in the budget) that appropriates $721,700 from the HURG fund to establish procedures to determine whether or not the information and documents provided by a person applying for a driver license are fraudulent. As a result of a federal sting we found hundreds of documents being submitted to MVD were accepted and licenses were issued and Homeland Security issued a warning of severe concern to national security and on this issue and yet our Governor still vetoed the bill.

HB2030 (Pearce/Boone) Requires that recipients of certain state - funded services are present legally in the Unites States. Also requires the agencies that provide these services to report on the number of people who applied to participate in the programs and the number who were not eligible for those programs due to their illegal status.

HB2709 (Jones/Weiers) Requires DOA to contract for a private prison facility to be located in Mexico to house Mexican National prisoners.

SB1186 (Martin) Incorporates into statue Prop. 200 requirement for proof of United States citizenship when registering to vote and stipulates the information submitted as evidence of citizenship does not become public record.

SB1511 (Martin) Prohibits law enforcement of other government agencies, commissions, boards or districts from accepting identification document such as a Matricular Consular care unless they are issued by a political subdivision, Indian Tribe, state or federal authority. Against warnings by the FBI, Homeland Security as unreliable and a serious risk to national security. She vetoed it anyway. Its only purpose is to allow illegal aliens to get public services.

Rep. Pearce points out as well that, Governor Napolitano, "has been engaged on fighting us on every issue including Prop. 200 (a citizens' initiative to require proof of citizenship to register to vote, photo ID to vote, and proof of eligibility for non-federally mandated public benefits i.e. welfare) and after it passed over whelmingly she is still trying to stop its implementation. Remember this Governor stated early on she believes illegal aliens should have driver licenses."

What is there to gain by continuing to let this urgent problem fester?

The latest numbers show an alarming economic impact, and criminal force within the state of Arizona and our nation. Let us look at some of the facts: crime rising, homicides up, loss of American jobs, tax evasion (illegal aliens who are employed get paid under the table), destruction of our Healthcare System, over 1 billion dollars to educate children of illegal aliens and billions of dollars later- we wonder why we have been hit economically so hard. It would seem that Arizona’s governor, many state representatives, several in Congress, and even our President feel it is more important to have a good relationship with law violators so they will be comfortable in giving them information than it is to punish those involved in criminal activity.

Add to the mixture of the aforementioned the continued open door policy of more terrorist infiltrating our country. Have we not learned from history? What has been occurring globally these last twenty years? The murderous eye of fanatical Islamic terrorism seems to have taught us nothing.

Why are the laws that can protect the gateways into our country not being enforced? The illegal aliens infiltrating our country’s borders have mixed within them those who want to murder citizens that believe in freedom. The Spain and London railway/transportation bombings were nothing more than practice runs for what is to come here in the United States. Why are government officials playing footsie with this issue?

Terrorism is real and more terrorists are coming through our borders disguised as mere illegal aliens just looking for day work. The way our system at times seems to treat the illegal aliens issue appears to be a slap in the face to all our men and women serving in our military against this war on terror. Why send our men and women to die for the cause of justice, courage, and freedom- but then turn around and mollycoddle those who break our laws?

To solve this danger to our society let us call upon all of the state representatives, Congress and our President to end this destructive time bomb. To begin with, we have laws on the books that must be enforced. Our government has not been following the letter of the law, according to 8 USC Section 1324a: "Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of the vehicle or property used to commit the crime".. We must prosecute all corporations and business that knowingly hire illegal aliens. Without jobs to come to, illegal aliens will begin to find ways to come and work here legally, either with a temporary work permit or by going through the process of becoming a legal citizen. As well, any person or persons found transporting illegal aliens should receive the maximum penalty. Without transportation, illegal aliens will find it harder to cross our borders and they will not be dropped off in the middle of a desert and left to die.

Officials like Arizona’s governor and President Bush are not solving an issue that can be remedied by enforcing our current laws. Is an overhaul necessary to handle this dangerous and life threatening situation? Will writing new laws solve the illegal issues? Ask yourselves, if we will not enforce the laws established to control this dilemma then how will spending more money, time and closed summit debates solve this crisis?

It is time for our government officials to stop ignoring the issue, passing the blame, and spending more of our money on more studies- we know what needs doing- now just go and do it!

K L Marsala is a commentator on social, cultural, and political ideologies. Ms. Marsala tries to use a bit of satire every now and then in her writing. She has been praised by many of her readers for saying it "like it is" and speaks for the common person who believes in American ideals, especially our freedoms. Stating the way she sees it with "punch," her philosophy remains that no matter the event, you can always find a bit of humor or the human element of hope somewhere amongst the cracks.