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    EU could go UNDER in 6 WEEKS, Dutch PM claims as France admits 'we weren't built for

    Was the EU a practice run? Is the Us the next target?

    EU could go UNDER in 6 WEEKS, Dutch PM claims as France admits 'we weren't built for this'

    THE Dutch prime minister said the future of the European Union could be decided in just six weeks if the bloc doesn't get a handle on the migrant crisis, as panicking France begs Britain to stay in the union.


    PUBLISHED: 04:34, Fri, Jan 22, 2016

    Manuel Valls and Mark Rutte warned the EU could soon fall apart

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave the EU the deadline to get a handle on the influx of refugees from conflict zones in the Middle East and elsewhere - or face the bloc breaking up.

    He told a panel on Europe at the World Economic Forum in Davos: "We have six to eight weeks."

    Meanwhile French prime minister Manuel Valls admitted the EU “could very well break up in a very short time”.
    He warned the ongoing refugee crisis across Europe and the threat of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorism could spell the end of the political union on the continent.

    Speaking at a summit of global elites in the exclusive Davos ski resort in Switzerland, the French politician suggested the EU had not been built to withstand “such powerful crises” of an unprecedented flow of migrants across the bloc’s borders or ISIS-inspired attacks.

    Mr Valls described Britain’s possible exit from the EU at an upcoming referendum as a “tragedy”, while hoping a deal on the UK’s membership could be reached in February.

    Having earlier thanked fellow EU member states for their solidarity in the wake of the Paris terror attacks last November, he said: “Europe may not have been conceived in order to face up to such powerful crises as that of the refugees or the terrorist menace.

    “We will have to live for decades or for many years with this menace or this threat and that's why it's a war. There are many generations that will have to live with this and the crisis will have to be managed in north Africa and the Middle East.

    He added: “We have to live with this it's a part of our lives now. It's a challenge and it's a feeling history can be tragic and Europe could very well break up in a very short time. We have to be realistic.”

    But despite his warnings over the current crises facing the EU, the French prime minister said solutions would be found in “more of Europe not less of Europe”.

    Dutch PM Mark Rutte said a deal on Britain's EU demands was 'possible' in February

    Europe could very well break up in a very short time. We have to be realistic

    French PM Manuel Valls
    Mr Valls also urged British voters to reject the chance to cut ties with Brussels, adding: “Seeing Britain leave the European Union would be a tragedy.

    "We must do everything for Britain and the British people ... to stay in the European Union.”

    But Mr Valls warned Britain would not be able to remain an EU member “at just any condition”.

    French president Francois Hollande reiterated his prime minister’s remarks later, as he warned David Cameron his ongoing renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Brussels must respect the EU’s founding principles such as the free movement of people.

    He also said the Prime Minister’s demands for EU reforms, on which he hopes to reach an agreement at next month’s summit of EU leaders, would not be allowed to interfere with greater integration between countries using the euro single currency.

    Mr Hollande said: "I will be particularly vigilant that the euro zone can pursue its integration, for me that is the essential point.

    "If Britain wants to go its own way within the EU we can allow it, but that cannot prevent the countries that want to go further in integration, monetary for example”.

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    What did they expect? Why do they continue to take them in? Same in the USA.

    They can blame US for starting wars in the middle east & creating "refugees" but they were involved too. And could be part of the plan to spread islam everywhere. They also wanted Qaddafi out & pushed for it. He was the one that prevented the hordes from crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

    Conveniently they acquired new "refugee" rules etc as did the US with "acts" etc and they also worked to have their own people believe they need immigration, multi-culturism to the extreme of killing off your own bloodline - even took away their free speech to discuss that vital issue of immigration with fines, job loss, jail.

    It is the globalists plan set in motion decades ago. More people, more consumers - the dumber the better. The muslim world is very dark and dangerous though, so very unwise to give them rights to live & breed in other countries. And EU is doing that to the max with multiple wives allowed if you are muslim - unreal - one man, 20 kids. They certainly don't have any awareness of the results of overpopulation on our future.

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