Exclusive Look At ‘Operation Lone Star’ — Land, Air, And Sea Patrols Guarding The US Southern Border

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura visited the U.S. southern border to witness ‘Operation Lone Star,’ which is meant to stem the flow of illegal drugs in the U.S.

Departing from Anzalduas Park, which is located on the bend of the Rio Grande River, Ventura took an exclusive boat tour with
border patrol agents who monitor the river to stop the flow of illegal drugs as part of the state’s effort to stem human and drug trafficking.

‘Operation Lone Star’ was
launched by the state and the Texas Department of Public Safety in early March to secure the border and combat human and drug trafficking. More than 1,000 Department of Public Safety troopers, agents, and rangers are part of the operation. The program uses air, ground, marine and tactical border security to combat drug cartels.

Video shows agents patrolling the river, with Mexico seen on the left side of the stream and Texas on the right.

A Texas State Trooper explains that most border crossings happen during the afternoon and that multiple boats patrol the area in conjunction with the Coast Guard.


Video at link.

The Texas State Troopers explained how they sometimes find young children left by themselves along the border after smugglers abandon them.
The troopers, who are heavily armed, told Ventura that drug cartels use scouts to track the movement of Texas State Troopers and Border Patrol, sometimes even using drones.

But troopers securing the borders occasionally run into one large issue — weather.

Troopers explained severe weather and thunderstorms impede their ability to patrol the area, giving drug cartels time to ship drugs over the border. Human smuggles also capitalize on the bad weather, using the time to ship migrants across the border.