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Thread: EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Border Patrol agent posts agonizing details about husband’s job

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    EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Border Patrol agent posts agonizing details about husband’s job

    EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Border Patrol agent posts agonizing details about husband’s job

    June 24, 2018

    Amidst all the media coverage of people protesting the detention of illegal immigrants at the border, along with photos being used improperly to paint a false narrative of how the Trump administration is actually handing the immigration crisis, a moving, personal account posted by a Border Patrol wife has been brought to the attention of DML News.

    Ashley Di Bella, whose husband, Juan, is reportedly a U.S. Border Patrol agent in New Mexico, posted the following account on her Facebook page Thursday, making the post visible to the public. Below is the full transcript of her moving story:
    The untold stories of a Border Patrol wife.

    People are seeing the horrible stories from media and turning my husband into a “monster” a “nazi” a “heartless soul” but they have never met him. “The cries of the children” the media screams but what about the cries of my children when they dont see their dad for days in a row because he is on swings and is gone before they get home from school and is asleep when they wake up. What about the cries of my husband when he walks through the door and cant bring himself to tell me how his day was but I soon get it out of him and I feel like I am going to throw up. The media wont cover those stories. So now I will. My husband is strong day in and day out because he knows that he is saving lives not only of children but adults so I am standing strong and laying out just a few of the untold stories.

    Let’s start at the beginning of most of the journeys I will tell because they usually all start the same way. Families save their hard earned money to make this trip to get a better life. Everyone wants a better life right. They hand over their money to someone who will ensure that their child will be safe on the trip to the United States border. Parents will pack their child’s bag and get their daughters on birth control and give them plan b pills. No these are not teenagers or young adults. These are innocent preteens who the parents know will have their innocence taken from them by grown men but that’s just part of the journey the risk they are willing to take for their children to have a better life. Then these children are taken miles and miles with strangers. Being crammed into trucks that have 2 or 3 times the people that should be in them. Moved from dirty stash house to stash house if they are lucky they may have 1 working bathroom for the 100 plus people who are there that day. Sleeping on the dirty floor in the same clothes they have worn for weeks. No showers no hot meals little to no water to drink. But all this for a better life right. Now they are at the border and that could look very different to each person. Some walk through thick green brush and then arrive at a raging river where just on the other side where you can throw a rock is the great United States of America. Or you see miles and miles of hot desert with a few mountains in the distance.

    Now here is where my stories begin let’s start with the hot desert of Arizona!
    People climb through holes in the fence that have been opened just enough for a body to fit. At this point of the journey they haven’t slept more then a few hours at a time. They haven’t had a good hot meal in weeks and they are already pretty dehydrated. They walk miles in temperatures that they didnt plan for so bodies get weak as dehydration and heat exhaustion sets in.

    Childrens little legs are trying to keep up as they are dragged across the desert. Sleeping during the day and going at night so they are not spotted. If border patrol is close and a child cries they are beaten because they cant get caught. A 12 year old Honduran girl told my husband that she was raped almost nightly for the last 2 weeks by the person who was paid to bring her over and was given to other immigrants as a “treat” because they had made it farther that day. A 7 year old boy was beaten so badly that he needed multiple stitches across his head and face. A 9 year old boy was raped repeatedly. The amount of children who are told to lie and say this is my mother this is my father but in reality they have no idea who this stranger is. These are the lucky ones.

    My husband has held countless children and adults as they died in his arms. He has come across multiple dead bodies no one cared about and just left to die because they are sick or hurt or just plain cant keep up. Now some are lucky and can cross in a vehicle. Once again crammed into a truck with people laying on you. They see border patrol and they take off going high speeds through the desert and flip. 20 bodies get thrown some are dead immediately others missing body parts. People dying while looking up at someone who is proudly wearing green fighting to save their lives. The lucky ones that made it out alive are usually given water from the case my husband always has in his truck. And any extra snacks he has in his truck.

    Now let’s venture into a few stories from the green heaven and river. They are given a rope that they must hold onto while they go across to they dont get swept away by the current. Some places you can walk through others you must swim because it’s too deep. Most dont know how to swim. Bloated bodies are found on the river that have drowned weekly. No one cared they just keep moving on. If your lucky you get crammed into a makeshift boat.

    My husband has seen where babies are grabbed and thrown into the river to border patrol will save them so the others can hurry across. A very young boy maybe 3 or 4 was sent alone on this journey with a phone number written on his shirt with no idea where he came from or who he was. Unaccompanied children are claimed by others in the party as their own children so they can stay as a family unit. A man who later was found to be a MS13 gang member and his girlfriend had 5 children between 10 and 16 that they claimed were their own but they were actually sex trafficking them. A woman was bringing over a 1 year old girl claiming she was her own when it was later found out she was part of a pedophilia group.
    These are only a few stories but the stories are daily and the only thing that changes are the names and ages. These are only the stories about human smuggling I didnt even touch on the drugs that cross over and how that is done that’s for another time.

    But where is the media when my husband is saving children and adults daily from dangerous situations and people? Why doesn’t the media follow my husband as he gets blood work done after he tried to save 3 lives in a roll over that day and was covered in blood? Where is the media when he packs extra sandwiches for the day just in case someone needs it or he goes though our kids toys so he always has a extra few toys in his truck for the kid crossing. Where is the media when he says we need to all see a doctor because he was exposed tuberculosis or checking him for scabies and lice. Why is the media not sharing real stories of what happens to minors when they are crossing? Why not interview the children who were saved from pedophiles and sex trafficking rings. Why not interview the parents that border patrol has saved their children?

    Just remember everyone cries. My husband’s cried at more funerals for fallen friends then anyone should have too. We are a green family and nationwide we feel a pain when someone is murdered while making you sleep better and safer at night. People do not want to see the truth because let’s face it sometimes it’s easier to not know and feel safe then see how ugly the truth really is.

    Remember my husband as well as 18,000 other men and women are leaving their families to stand on the borders to protect yours.

    #Istandonthegreenline #Ivegothis6 #proudbpwife
    Ashley and Juan Di Bella, from Facebook.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    These people come from a country where the age of consent is 12 years old. They think nothing of sexual abuse.

    I do not want these people in my country...none of them.

    This is how they live.

    They need to go home and do something about it.

    We are not the solution to your bring your problems with you and the rest follow you here. That is not a better life and we want nothing to do with it.




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