I'm sure they will stop most of them. But some are going to get in and have to be arrested and processed and you don't want the guards/scouts to leave their mile. Right now, for every 1 arrested by BP, 4 or 5 are getting through unaccounted for and once inside the interior, they're gone. The purpose of the Wall of Americans is to not only stop them at the border, but track those who get in so BP can pick 'em up before they disappear into the interior.

I know what you want to do, but I don't support that.

I'd much rather use economic sanctions on their home countries so they'll stop it, and they will, because trade with the United States is far more valuable to them than drug and other criminal enterprise money and remittances. If we use economic sanctions against these countries, sanctions that impact all their businesses, citizens and governments, they'll unite to stop it on their own.