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    Federal judges split on local crackdowns on illegal immigrat

    Federal judges split on local crackdowns on illegal immigration

    Last Update: 5:54 pm

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    ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - Federal courts are now split on the question of whether cities and towns may take steps to curb illegal immigration.

    A federal judge in Missouri says local governments may do so. That contradicts a federal judge in Pennsylvania, who forbade the city of Hazleton from cracking down on illegal immigrants.

    In the Missouri case, the judge upheld an ordinance in the St. Louis suburb of Valley Park that penalizes businesses that hire illegal immigrants. The judge rejected an argument that the law discriminates against Hispanics and tramples on the federal government's exclusive power to regulate immigration.

    It's unclear which interpretation will prevail as the cases are appealed.

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    Sheeez just enforce the is already illegal to hire or employ. aid or abett illegal aliens for crying out loud!!
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    legal definition

    I guess it all depends on what the definition of is is by a "genius" with a law degree.

    Please read the decision by the judge in Montgomery County Maryland re: Teaching anal and oral intercourse to very young children.

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