2 Jan 2017
New York, NY

Former New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir blasted the liberal mayors of self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities”, saying they are putting legal immigrants in danger.

Safir told radio host John Catsimatidis on the “Cats Roundtable” show that mayors like New York City’s Bill de Blasio are endangering Americans and legal immigrants with their persistence to ignore federal law.

“They’re not only endangering the rest of us but they’re endangering the other immigrants in the country and all of our citizens,” Safir said.

“What’s happening now with sanctuary cities, they’re going right back into the population and continuing to commit additional crimes,” Safir continued.

Safir also slammed California and New York City’s insistence to issue driver’s licenses and IDs to illegal immigrants who are protected from being deported.

“Look at California,” Safir said. “They’re giving illegals driver’s licenses. This whole thing is totally out of control and needs to be fixed.”

Safir called out New York’s ID law where cardholders, including illegal immigrants, have their background data completely erased.

“I call that obstruction of justice,” Safir said of the policy.

“It is horrific,” Safir continued. “We have federal laws and when mayors of cities flaunt that, I believe they are committing crimes.”

Most recently, sanctuary city mayors, including de Blasio, wrote and signed a letter to President Obama, demanding last-minute protections for illegal immigrants ahead of President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, as Breitbart Texas reported.