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    Foreign Governments Help Their Illegals Stay Here

    El Salvador, Guatemala are actively helping their citizens subvert U.S. immigration law

    January 15, 2016
    by Edmund Kozak

    In a stunning assault on the very notion of national sovereignty, the government of El Salvador has stepped in to prevent deportations of a number of immigrants arrested recently in a series of ICE raids across the country.

    The office of the Salvadoran presidency bragged that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that, due to efforts of the Salvadoran government to ensure due process in deportation cases in the United States, it has managed to suspend the deportation of 8 family units, made up of 22 people detained in police operations 2 and 3 January.”

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained 121 people, but 22 are likely coming right back courtesy of the Salvadoran government. This was the prize after the Guatemalan and Salvadoran governments had issued a series of statements encouraging their citizens illegally residing in the U.S. to flout the country’s immigration laws and do whatever they could to avoid deportation.

    The statements came in response to the beginning of the Obama administration’s plan to deport a number of children and who entered the country illegally, mainly in the summer of 2014.

    Guatemala’s foreign ministry, which called the arrests a “lamentable decision,” issued advice to its citizens, telling them, “Don’t be fooled. Don’t open the door to unknown people who say they are looking for someone else.” The audacious statement goes on to say, “immigration agents have the obligation to respect your fundamental rights and treat you and your family with respect.”

    Rich, considering these illegal aliens had zero respect for America’s law, its people, and their safety when they violated our southern border. The government of El Salvador’s response over the weekend was similar — the Salvadoran presidency’s twitter account put out a statement telling its citizens “if they don’t have [a war rant], you are not obliged to open the door.”

    The governments of El Salvador and Guatemala’s concern that U.S. immigration agents follow the letter of the law — you know, that law their own citizens broke — is touching, especially considering that those countries rank 80th and 115th, respectively, out of 175 on Transparency International’s 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index.

    Tellingly, both the Guatemalan and Salvadoran governments refuse to even recognize these illegal aliens for the lawbreakers they are, referring to them instead living in the U.S. “irregularly” – “migrantes irregulars” — as opposed to migrantes illegales, let alone migrantes indocumentados.

    The Salvadoran presidency – occupied, incidentally, by Salvador Sánchez Cerén, a former communist guerilla commander — also repeatedly tweeted over the course of the week a list of phone numbers of Salvadoran embassies its citizens could call in an effort to avoid deportation.

    A second statement issued by the office of Salvadoran presidency said that “the Salvadoran nation states that, although respectful of the internal decisions of each country, it advocates for the debate on immigration reform in the United States to be restarted.”

    The claim that El Salvador or Guatemala — or Mexico for that matter — is respectful of the internal decisions of the United States is ridiculous, proved false by the actions of those government’s countries in encouraging and facilitating their citizens to violate U.S. immigration law.

    The illegal aliens arrested were “all people who have had their day in court,” according to Marguerite Telford, Director of Communications for the Center for Immigration Studies. They have “had their chance to make their case for amnesty in front of a judge,” she added, stressing that the notion that these arrests and deportations were somehow unreasonable is absurd.

    However, that didn’t stop the Salvadoran congressional Foreign Relations Committee from demanding that the U.S. government “explain the renewal” of deportations, said Telford. That these foreign governments express shock at the idea the U.S. might actually deport illegals only proves how ineffective Obama has been on the illegal immigration issue.
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    It is time cut back on the $78 million or so foreign aid to El Salvador.

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