Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Declares that Joe Biden “Shut Down” ICE

Jose Nino
Apr 12, 2021

During an appearance on Hannity on April 9, 2021, the Senior Adviser for the Trump administration Stephen Miller took Joe Biden to task for creating a humanitarian disaster at the southern border.

Miller declared that the Biden administration’s policies at the border have created the worst border crisis in American history:

What you are seeing on the border right now is the worst border crisis in U.S. history. It’s not just that the numbers are the highest they’ve been in 20 years. It’s that you have the largest number of illegal immigrant youth and trafficked children ever. You have catch and release. Twenty years ago, you didn’t have catch and release. That people are being apprehended are then being resettled in U.S. communities at taxpayer expense.

The former Trump adviser expanded on what the results of the Biden administration’s soft immigration policies:

But it gets worse. Border Patrol reports that in addition to the thousands being caught and released, 1,000 a day are getting into the country without being caught at all because our border agents are being pulled off the line dealing with this humanitarian crisis. That means criminals getting in, that means drugs getting in, that means weapons getting in, that means contraband getting in, that means sex offenders getting in.

Miller is of the view that Biden has effectively gutted ICE, thus exacerbating the present migration crisis. The Trump advisor called on Republicans to continue talking about immigration:

In addition to the disaster on the border, Joe Biden has shut down ICE. ICE is now disabled from removing most criminally-convicted illegal immigrants that they were removing under the Trump administration. So you have an open sieve at the border, and you have unfettered criminal conduct inside this country. It is a travesty, and Republicans should talk about this every single day.

The Biden administration’s handling of the border has been an unmitigated disaster. BLP previously reported on the administration’s attempts to censor any coverage of the current predicament America is facing at its southern border.

The Biden administration is simply too “woke” for it to consider sensible border policies. As Miller noted during the interview, Republicans should be making a big stink about this because the immigration question remains incredibly popular among grassroots voters fed up with the status quo.

Republicans’ failure to take immigration into account could leave votes on table in what will likely be hyper-competitive elections in the near future.