17 Feb 2016

Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday to discuss the need for tighter border security, and how it conflicts with Pope Francis’ support for mass migration from the Third World into Western countries.

Gaffney used the Zika virus as a metaphor for how mass migration brings security pathologies from regions with serious security issues into the United States, much as Zika has flourished in countries with less stringent disease and mosquito control protocols.

“We’ve now got these cartels operating with gangs all over the United States,” said Gaffney, referring to South American drug cartels. “Literally, every state in the Union is now a border state.”

“That’s partly because we have been neglecting the border,” he continued, “and not preventing people who have been operating on one side of it from operating on both.”

Gaffney warned that the drug cartels are not alone in establishing operations on both sides of the porous border.

“They are being now, increasingly, accompanied by – and collaborating with – jihadists that the Pope is ignoring in Europe, where he’s residing at the moment, and a lot of other places besides, of course,” he said.

Noting that the big cartels have been compared to the Islamic State in their organizational methods and violence, Gaffney said, “You also have the Islamic State in Latin America. You also have Hamas. You also have Hezbollah. You also have the Iranians… and, by the way, the Chinese and others. That side of the border is now a fertile environment for jihadists to operate from, with impunity – and to bring their violence, and other kinds of predations, here as well.”