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    George Bush, Master for Disaster, Master of Deceit

    George Bush, Master for Disaster or "George W. Bush, Master of Deceit"
    By Jan Herron
    May 12, 2006, 07:44

    The recent exposure of the practice by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) of tipping off the Mexican military to the location of Minutemen volunteers has outraged Americans even more than the sight of illegal aliens waving Mexican flags in American streets.

    Reporter Sara Carter's story in Tuesday morning's Inland Valley (CA) Daily Bulletin reveals that the CBP gives advance notice to the Mexican government when and where the Minutemen plan to monitor the border. The Border Patrol also notifies the Mexicans of any suspicion of violence by Minutemen against illegal aliens they intercept. Since there have been no verified reports of such violence, the CBP reports have been limited to "tipping off the Mexicans" where Minutemen are operating. Since the Mexican government actively encourages their nationals to violate US laws, it seems obvious that CBP is committing treason ("giving aid and comfort to the enemy").

    Yes, Jorge W. Bush (The Master of Deceit/Disaster) and his Department of Homeland Security for Mexico Miguel Chertoff actively endangering American citizens to aid and abet illegal aliens.

    It wasn't that long ago that Americans had utmost confidence and respect for their government and their elected officials. I'm not yet old enough for Social Security, yet I recall checking the "Miss Manners" book for the correct way to address elected representatives. For members of Congress, it was "The Honorable" so and so. But no more. There's a good reason we no longer address elected officials as "The Honorable"--most have long ago ceased being "honorable." When they ceased serving "we the people" and began serving their own interests, they no longer merited our respect. In place of "Honorable," we substitute titles that more accurately reflect their "traitor-trash" behavior for those working in Washington, DC (District of Criminals).

    Envelopes are no longer addressed to "The Honorable; because there is little honor left in Washington, DC.

    The agenda of Washington's elite and powerful serves their own personal interests, but not the interests of "We the people." That agenda serves the 20 million illegal aliens currently "squatting" in our country (notwithstanding the Bush Administration's continued lie of 12 million illegal aleins). If current US immigration laws against employers' hiring illegal aliens were enforced, the illegal alien count would be 1 or 2 million rather than 20 million.

    Barring illegal aliens from all public assistance (including the publicly-funded "charities" like Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services and others) would further enforce US immigration laws against illegal aliens, depriving them of resources needed to live in the US and forcing their "self-deportation." The relatively few remaining border-jumpters (primarily drug smugglers and terrorists) would be relatively easy to identify, arrest and deport.

    Illegal alien advocates who decry the "huge enforcement cost" are liars, pure and simple. The 2003 Border Patrol budget of $3.8 billion was a drop in the bucket compared to taxpayers' costs for social services to illegal aliens. For only one state (California), the FY 2002 costs by illegal aliens exceeded $12 billion. And that's only the state costs; it doesn't count the federal tab for illegal aleins' medical care and education.

    Another lie by pro-illegal aliens advocates is that illegal aliens "want to become Americans." Actually, they're not interested in becoming Americans, they only want the benefits and free lunch programs Americans designed for our own citizens. Legal immigrants regard it a privilege to come to America and share in its promise. In contrast, most illegal aliens feel we owe them a living just because they successfully violated US laws to come here. These "entitled" illegal aliens are a serious problems and could very well determine our nation's fate.

    What were Americans thinking when we chose to protect American sovereignty? What were Americans thinking when we instructed our Congress to triple the inadequate Border Patrol staff to hinder illegal immigration? What were millions of Americans thinking when replying to poll after nationwide poll with "NO" to llegal alien amnesty (including the Master of Deceit's "Guest Worker Bill" amnesty)? 80%-plus of Americans want our borders secured and our current immigration laws enforced. We were thinking that our elected officials would heed our oft-expressed wishes. They don't.

    I can imagine the anger of George W. Bush and his "pro-illegal alien" lobby when networks like CNN and journalists like Lou Dobbs continue coverage of the illegal alien problem. I'm sure they're furious that networks report Americans' outrage that the White House continues forcing their "open borders" agenda on Americans. The Bush Administration knows that continued media coverage will spread the message to more Americans and validate their outrage. Small wonder that Jorge Boosh is incensed; his advisers and counselors assured him that Americans would be intimidated into silence long ago. Instead, we're louder and more visible than ever and members of Congress refuse to return White House phone calls and run the other way when approached by White House "bagmen."

    To make matters worse in the 2006 Election year, early local election returns show that Americans really are "putting their votes where their mouths are." Herndon (VA) citizens issued a "voters' pink slip" to a mayor and three councilmembers who supported an illegal alien day labor center funded by public tax money. And the May 9 Nebraska GOP gubernatorial primary showed a surprising defeat of a popular 3-term congressman and former Cornhuskers' football coach Tom Osborne by a 15-month incumbent appointee. Osborne himself admitted the importance of illegal immigration issue in his defeat--his support for illegal aliens' in-state tuition at Nebraska universities as well as his reluctance to support Nebraska parents who insist on sending their children to public schools not encumbered by hordes of non-English speaking illegal aliens. That Tom Osborne was also endorsed by Senator John McCain, infamous "Illegal Alien Amnesty King" of the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill only validates the outrage of American voters to illegal alien pandering politicians.

    It is illegal to hire illegal aliens!

    Most American newspapers publish little news or intelligent commentary but instead abound with more of the same old politically-correct cliches propogated by the "open-borders" crowd. Their publishers and editors force-feed readers the old, tired myth that illegal aliens are essential. "Without undocumented workers, no one would make your hotel beds, prepare meals or wash dishes!" they self-righteously trumpet.

    Now we hear from Jorge Boosh, Master of Deceit, that the Senate atrocity in giving amnesty (oops, sorry, "Guest-Worker Status") to illegal alien invaders isn't really amnesty but instead a "path to citizenship." Why would we want such criminals as American citizens? Who's kidding whom?

    The (Denver) Rocky Mountain News reports that projected Colorado population growth may force "re-use" of water. That means toilet-to-tap water will be served in Colorado's finest establishments. Visitors to once beautiful Rocky Mountain resorts will be told: "Come to Colorado, but don't drink the water" and "Don't eat the food." What the News carefully evades with its usual "political correctness" is that the projected population growth is largely the result of high birth-rate, Third World immigrants. Many American cities are already destroyed by massive immigration, largely illegal aliens. If your city isn't yet destroyed, it won't be long.

    Are the "doom-sayers" right in predicting that the loss of illegal aliens will cause the collapse of the US economy? Who will really suffer when stopping illegal immigration (as required by our Constitution) forces employers to pay living wages to the 15+ million underemployed Americans? The elites might have to forego purchasing their fourth home, taking their fifth annual trip to Europe, and might actually have to pay legal employment taxes on their illegal alien employees? Is it a tragedy that they might be limited to 4 Mercedes Benz cars?

    Our country's sovereignty and its unique and superior culture is being obliterated, largely by Mexico and the Third World because we no longer have "honorable" politicians representing us in Congress. The future of our republic, our children and our grandchildren faces doom because our government refuses to stop the continuing illegal aliens from the Third-World leftists.

    With the Mexican government's continuing defiance of Americans' calls for secure borders and end to illegal immigration, our US government has no alternative but to close all ports of entry between the U.S. and Mexico.

    It's sad to say but I never thought I'd see the day when a President's poll rating matches his IQ. It's obvious the porch light is on in the White House but nobody's home.

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    Hey MOP,
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