Posted By Peter Hasson On 4:25 PM 06/04/2017

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert let loose on Fox News after the London terror attacks.

“We have seen these things coming, we’ve been trying to talk about them and let people know,” Gohmert said Sunday afternoon.

“The heartland knew these things were coming and that’s why they elected Donald Trump. So thank God that he understands the seriousness of this issue and he’s not being distracted by people who want to scream about political correctness because we’re talking about people’s lives,” Gohmert added.

“And let me project something else: Since we know the left never wants to be hypocrites, what you should see this week is demands from the left that we ban all white vans and all knives in America because they were used as terrorist weapons,” Gohmert said, referring to the liberal tendency to call for gun control after terrorist attacks or mass shootings. “If they’re going to avoid being hypocrites, that’s what they’ve got to be demanding this week

Gohmert also blasted the judges who have held up President Trump’s travel ban, saying they are being too politically correct.

“There’s been a lot of PC [political correctness] here that has caused us problems,” Gohmert said. “And another problem – is a PC bunch of courts in the U.S. who have abandoned being United States courts and have taken on being world courts. Their jurisdiction does not allow them to give Constitutional rights to people outside the United States. It does not give plaintiff standing. So, we’ve got some judges I think ought to be impeached and thrown out.”

Gohmert later knocked former FBI Director James Comey ahead of his testimony before Congress next week.

“I don’t really care what Comey says – he can’t be trusted,” the Texas Republican said. “I had great hopes for him and then the more we found out the more we found him playing politics with his position. And so I don’t really care what he says, the things that he has done have been more important to me.”