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on Breitbart TV 10 Jun 2014, 7:18 AM PDT

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) argued that border security and opposition to amnesty are crucial to capturing the Latino vote in an interview on "The Laura Ingraham Show" on Tuesday. Gosar stated, “I’m the Republican in Arizona with the highest Latino population, almost 20 percent, and we poll them over and over again, and what they want is the rule of law to be upheld.”

He added, “When somebody goes to the front of the line without following the rules, that’s exactly what people came to this country for was the rule of law, and they don’t want to see amnesty, they want to see border security, they want to see visa reform, they want to see Medicare, Medicaid and entitlement reform.”

Gosar criticized the GOP leadership in the House, asking “where is the backbone?” He also agreed that the Republican establishment needed to be extracted like a bad wisdom tooth, and that he was “happy to pull teeth” to ensure the nation’s immigration laws were enforced.