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    by Michael Cutler
    October 27, 2007

    An article "Traveler with TB did not use alias" appeared in today's edition of the Washington Times that makes several areas of concern abundantly clear. The article notes that our government was inept and incompetent at preventing the entry of an alien who posed a serious threat to public health and consequently public safety because of a blatant failure of government officials charged with the vital mission of preventing the entry of travelers harboring dangerous diseases. In this case, the traveler in question was a citizen of Mexico who has a highly contagious variation of tuberculosis (multiple drug resistant TB).

    Initial reports indicated that this traveler was able to traverse our nation's border some 76 times because he used false identities. Now the story has evolved and it is being claimed that this individual simply used variations of his own name. Clearly the agencies involved are attempting to play the "blame game," thereby attempting to deflect criticism from themselves.

    The bottom line is that this traveler who could have infected numerous other people with his highly contagious and difficult to treat disease either intentionally or inadvertently, thwarted efforts to properly identify him when he used variations of his own name. In my experience as an INS special agent, criminals and others who wish to escape detection often use such variations of their own name to obfuscate their true identities and then also provide themselves with a seemingly innocuous excuse for any confusion that this "name game" causes. It is also not unusual for such individuals to interchange their date of birth with their month of birth if their birth dates lend themselves to such manipulation. (In such instances an individual who was born on a date such as February 10, 1980, for example, might write their date of birth as being 2/10/80 or 10/2/80.) Meanwhile the officials at DHS failed to act expeditiously to prevent the entry of this alien who, by virtue of his illness is statutorily excludible from the United States.

    The issues to be considered include the fact that this traveler easily thwarted the system that is in place to prevent the entry of aliens into our country who pose a threat to our safety and well-being all by using variations of his own name. This is presumably the same system that would be used to provide immigration benefits to aliens seeking a variety of immigration benefits. If an alien using variations of his own name was easily able to slip through the cracks in the system, what happens when an alien intentionally uses an utterly false name? This is the way that terrorists and criminals often game various bureaucracies including the immigration system as we have seen in the case of terrorists. This is one of the reasons I came to refer to the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" as the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act." This is also one of the key reasons I am utterly opposed to granting official immigration status to illegal aliens whose true identities are unknown and ultimately unknowable. Any plan to provide official identity documents to illegal aliens on any level creates major threats to the safety of this nation and our citizens. This also, obviously includes such ill-conceived plans as the one advocated by New York's Governor Spitzer who appears to be determined to provide driver's licenses and non-motorist identity documents to illegal aliens.

    It is also important to see in this situation the significance of the inspections process by which our officials determine whether or not an alien should be permitted to enter our country. Aliens who circumvent the inspections process may simply be seeking illegal employment, something that creates all sorts of problems in itself; however, the alien who runs our nation's borders must be understood to be ineligible to enter the United States legally prompting his surreptitious method of entry. Among the reasons that aliens are excludible (legally barred) from the United States includes aliens who have criminal convictions, belong to terrorist or criminal organizations, are likely to become public charges or harbor dangerous, deadly diseases as was the case noted in this article.

    When Senator Kennedy makes reference to aliens who commit what he recently, dismissively, referred to as "garden variety" immigration violations I can only think of the poisonous garden Kennedy may well have been making reference to.

    The inspections process, as I have often noted, is more than a mere formality if it is carried out effectively and efficiently by our nation's CBP (Customs and Border Protection) inspectors. I am greatly concerned that an alien who posed such a serious public health threat could so easily defeat the inspections process on so many occasions by simply using variations of his own name.

    More than six years after the worst terrorist attack ever committed against our nation and our citizens and our government is still acting the part of the "Not ready for prime time players!" This is not acceptable!

    When the Apollo 13 astronauts found themselves in a life or death decision when their service module suffered a catastrophic explosion on the way to the moon, Mission Director Gene Kranz, in marshalling his troops, the engineers and technicians at Mission Control famously coined the expression, "Failure is not an option!" The same can be said of those whose mission is to protect our nation.

    We the People need to make our concerns known to those who purport to represent us in all levels of government, this is the responsibility of citizens in a democracy.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Our goverhment is a joke when it come to doing anything for the American people. Illegal immigration got to mean more the them than cheap labor for corporation and future votes.

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