Copy and pasted from a Yahoo post:


Will this work? Get that Executive Order signed today!


"I would like to see our Border Patrol and ICE intercepting invaders at the border and or picking them up off of the streets and taking them to their nearest embassy and let their own government, house, feed, and take care of their medical needs.

The President could declare them all to be diplomatic entrants by executive order, and deliver them to their own embassies.

Leave it up to their foreign governance to have them return for their court dates.

If they don't show up their cases are ruled against their refugee status, and if they are found on the streets, they get arrested, their cases are ruled against their refugee status request, and they are deported.

A bill is sent to their government for repayment of U.S.Tax Dollars spent to deal with their foreign invasion.

Since they would have diplomatic status by the president, their newborns would not be considered U.S. Citizens under the 14th Amendment under any definition, and all cost associated with all of these invaders would be billable to their host nation that they are documented in.

Also since these invaders are returned to their embassy for their safe keeping, our judges and bureaucrats as well as elected officials would have no say as to how these foreign entities store these people because they have diplomatic immunity, meaning they are not under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.

At that point we could expel all of them, the diplomats as well as the invaders if they do not observe the rule of law in the U.S. on their diplomatic mission. Round them up where ever they are and give them the boot, legally!"