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Thread: Group Demands House Censor Rep Luis Gutierrez for Yelling Jessica Vaughan

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    Group Demands House Censor Rep Luis Gutierrez for Yelling Jessica Vaughan

    Group Demands House Censor Rep Luis Gutierrez for Yelling Jessica Vaughan

    A group made up of parents who lost their children to the murderous illegal aliens that democrats are importing into the country are now demanding that Rep Luis Gutierrez be censored by the House for his abominable behavior to Jessica Vaughan, from the Center for Immigration Studies after she pointed out that Gutierrez called the death of Katie Steinle, “a little thing.” What a disgusting little man he is. I don’t even think the word man applies to this creep. he’s a vile little creature who identifies with the vermin and spits on the victims.

    Maria Espinoza of the Remembrance Project has joined with Laura Wilkerson, Sabine Durden, and Mary Ann Mendoza, three mothers who lost children to illegal criminal aliens. They are calling for the House to censor Gutierrez and strip him of his position on the House Judiciary Committee. They also want him to apologize to the mothers of the victims he insulted. (Fat chance)

    Here is Gutierrez’s rant against Vaughan:

    Here is the letter they submitted. It was obtained by Breitbart News:

    I write to you in regard to a recent extreme and deliberately insensitive tirade by a member of the United State Congress unleashed in a public hearing against a female expert witness testifying on behalf of American families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens.

    On July 23 of this year, in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Sanctuary City policies, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois spoke these words to Ms. Jessica Vaughn, the expert witness who was invited guest and a surviving family member whose loved one was killed by an illegal alien. View video.

    Gutierrez’s public outrage, apparently provoked by a public recitation of his very own racially and politically-motivated speech trivializing the horrific death of a young woman killed by an illegal alien felon, five times deported, has caused an American outrage.

    On July 16, 2015, Representative Luis Gutierrez, speaking in Spanish referred to the cold-blooded murder of Kathryn Steinle as just a “little thing.” View video. This very public display not only clearly demonstrated Gutierrez’s complete lack of compassion for this grieving American family, but also for the tens of thousands of families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens.

    This public servant’s extremely inappropriate and insensitive comments must be addressed swiftly and with a strong censure so as to discourage other public servants from exhibiting such vicious behavior. We demand the following immediate course of action:

    1. Gutierrez be stripped of his membership on the House Judiciary Committee.

    2. Gutierrez be ordered to publicly apologize to Ms. Vaughn and to all American families whose loved ones have had their lives stolen by illegal aliens.

    3. Gutierrez meet with five (5) families and personally apologize for his insulting remarks at the July 23rd hearing.

    4. Gutierrez serve 20 hours of community service helping Texas border ranchers repair damages done by illegal aliens and/or clean-up trash left behind by illegal aliens.

    5. Gutierrez attend and speak on behalf of Americans killed by illegal aliens at the November 2015 National Day of Remembrance in Houston, TX , or at a location directed by The Remembrance Project.

    We ask you to swiftly take action against this out of control public servant who is inflicting intentional heartache, emotional, psychological harm upon, not only, this female expert witness, bereaved families, but this nation’s entire citizenry. Your immediate attention is needed.

    Should you have any questions, please contact me right away.

    Maria Espinoza
    Co-founder and National Coordinator
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    Many thank yous to the Remembrance Project. What wonderful work you are doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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