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Thread: Jeb Bush, Luis Gutierrez to Keynote Pro-Amnesty Hispanic Group’s Convention

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    Jeb Bush, Luis Gutierrez to Keynote Pro-Amnesty Hispanic Group’s Convention

    Jeb Bush, Luis Gutierrez to Keynote Pro-Amnesty Hispanic Group’s Convention

    by Breitbart News31 Mar 2015339

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (-)and Rep. Luis Gutierriez (D-IL) will be keynote speakers for a pro-amnesty Hispanic group’s convention in April. Bush and Gutierrez, both of whom have been vocal about the need for a comprehensive amnesty bill, will headline the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference’s (NHCLC) annual convention, which will be held April 28-30 in Houston.

    “We are thrilled to have such prestigious speakers join us for this very important gathering,” NHCLC President Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said in a statement. “This convention will bring together influential Christian Hispanic leaders from around the world to address vital issues of our generation from racial reconciliation and Christian persecution to prison and immigration reform.”

    Rodriguez has also been vocal about the need for comprehensive amnesty legislation. He has said there is a “biblical obligation” to pass such a bill and even warned Republicans that they will suffer in 2016 if they do not support amnesty legislation even though multiple studies have shown that Republicans can win the White House in 2016 and beyond without supporting amnesty legislation.

    “If immigration continues to stay in limbo…. and the Republicans say ‘we’re not gonna act at all on immigration,’ they are basically sacrificing their political future on the altar of political inaction and apathy,” Rodriguez said last year.
    NHCLC is also a member of the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable, which has been vocal in its support for comprehensive amnesty legislation.
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    Luie Gutierrez became an alderman in Chicago while he belonged to the Marxists “Puerto Rican Socialist Party.” (Communist call themselves “Marxists—Leninists”). And Louie was entwined in the Democrat, Daly family Chicago political machine. Now we have Jeb who makes common cause with this political fanatic. Meanwhile John Mc Caine is insulting American patriots (many veterans among them) calling them crazies because they have the impudence to want our borders secured and want illegal aliens to go home.

    Meanwhile the Confederate battle flag is to be taken down in disgrace because 150 years ago the South had slavery. Mean while Louie gets to play kissy face with the so-called mainstream “respectable” “moderates” like the Bush family and political establishment types We have the ever so moderate faux “conservative” Paul Ryan making common cause with the leftwing extremist Louie Guterrez promoting amnesty at the exclusive, wealthy people only City Club of Chicago in 2013. The dirty little secret of the leftists “defenders of the proletarian” against their mythical enemies of the very rich is that from its earliest beginnings the ultra left has gotten a lot of money and support from the rich bourgeoisie they are supposed to be fighting against.

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