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    Group wants to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in Colorado

    Group wants to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in Colorado

    An open-borders group with ties to the Quaker Church is currently gathering signatures to force a ballot initiative in the fall which, if approved, would allow illegal aliens to apply for driver's licenses.
    Initiative 52, which would allow anyone with a state tax return, a federal taxpayer ID number, or proof of identity from their home country (such as a
    Matricula Consular card) is being supported by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights (CIR).
    As CIR’s website states, it is “a project of the American Friends Service Committee,” a division of the Quaker Church.
    The point man for the Yes on 52!, Jose Sanchez, claims the measure would result in less hit-and-runs.

    Sanchez told Denver’s 9News: “Many are driving away because they'll be deported…Getting a driver's license is not a pathway to some kind of amnesty or legalization.”
    Sanchez also says that more than 150,000 illegal aliens in Colorado would be eligible for driver's licenses if the initiative is approved.
    So far, supporters have collected about 3,500 signatures, according to Sanchez.
    In order for the initiative to be placed on the ballot, signatures of more than 86,000 registered Colorado voters will need to be gathered.
    In July 2011, the Denver city council voted to overturn the voter-approved ordinance which impounded the vehicles of unlicensed drivers, and had been responsible for taking a large number of illegal aliens off Denver’s streets.
    The council voted 9-1 to repeal the law known as Initiative 100.

    Councilman Paul Lopez, who led the fight against I-100, told reporters: “It's been a nightmare for the city. It's been a legal nightmare for the city. You had innocent people getting caught up in this. The collateral damage was innocent folks.”
    Lopez claims that the ordinance unfairly targeted illegal aliens, most of whom do not have driver’s licenses.
    Of course, there have been a number of deadly crashes involving illegal aliens in the Denver area in recent years.
    New York, New Mexico, Washington, and Utah currently allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.
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    There is no way they are going to win a ballot initiative to provide driving licenses to illegal aliens. Did they not see the national poll showing 77% of Americans oppose licenses for illegal aliens?

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