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    California or ground zero of the invasion

    Hints Revealed Why Border Left Wide Open ... 7490.shtml

    Hints Revealed Why Border Left Wide Open

    By Frederick Meekins
    Aug 4, 2006

    Ben Franklin is attributed with saying that those desiring safety above liberty deserve neither safety nor liberty. If one particular proposal being suggested as a potential solution to the seemingly insurmountable immigration problem is implemented, those living in the United States --- both those with the right to be here as well as those that should be tossed back over the border --- will have neither safety nor liberty.

    Both the chairman of Verichip and the President of Columbia are on record as suggesting that the vaunted guest workers heralded as the future backbone of the U.S. economy could be implanted with radio frequency identification chips in order to ease security concerns by tracking the movements of migrants and reliably confirming their identities.

    Citizens might respond, “So? This doesn’t concern us. This only applies to those that want to come here in compliance with the law and the first thing any law-abiding person does is always comply with the law no matter what.”

    You know, a variation of the old "why are you so concerned about privacy if you haven’t got anything to hide thing."

    The program might start off implanting only foreigners, but little will prevent this program from being expanded to include citizens once full Americans have been conditioned to accept biochips. For the proposal to inject aliens with homing devices is nothing more than a technologically sophisticated manner through which to transform citizenship into a legal and economic irrelevancy and as a way to bring about the demise as Americans as a distinct and robust people in the world

    In the future when the world will no longer be characterized by independent sovereign states but instead organized around regional or hemispheric districts, the privileges (as rights will no longer exist) one will be permitted to enjoy at the whim of global planners will not be based upon the natural rights bestowed upon the individual by God Himself but whether one has bended his knee before the masters of the end of the age and submitted to their global order by accepting the identification chip.

    Those whose perceptions are confined by the realities of the immediate present and unable to conceptualize anything in the future beyond getting drunk next weekend can’t imagine Americans submitting willingly to a program of such extensive control. Yet we are already well down that path. All in the name of preventing terrorism, Americans just about now do a striptease in airports, have been compelled to drink their own breast milk, think little of the government rifling through their library records, and will probably not make much of a fuss about the NSA colleting dossiers right off their MySpace profiles.

    All the government has to do to get the population to accept monitoring chips is to continue to do little to deter or interdict every piece of human refuse thinking it’s their place to mosey on into the United States (without respect for our laws, language or culture) and demand we acquiesce to their inferior way of life. If the acolytes of the chip promise that the device will dramatically cut down on undesirables while ensuring that this technology will allow the sincere (both native born and newcomer alike) to be able to contribute to the American economy, the naive will flock in droves to prove their fealty to the hemispheric union and ultimately the global order.

    Despite the preeminent threat biochips pose to human liberty as well as their spiritual implications described in Revelation 13, such a proposal is actually quite revealing as to what the quasi-open border crowd actually thinks of Hispanics and others coming to our shores (or perhaps more precisely right on through our shores without even stopping).

    Elites claim that, if anything, they want to see an increase in the levels of immigration and to legalize most of those already here out of their compassion for the downtrodden of the earth and out of appreciation for diverse cultures. What they really want is to reduce everyone below their lofty status to the level of a glorified slave class.

    At the rally on the Mall in Washington, DC lauding the wonders of illegal immigration, a litany of radical liberals aided and abetted this criminal act by complaining how, if illicit cross border migration was curtailed these, elites would lose their steady stream of cheap labor. And in all the fancy rhetoric about the wonders of legalizing those in violation of the nation’s immigration laws the politicians, activists, and bigwigs , conveniently neglected to mention how these new additions will be incorporated into the system of statutes and regulations already bearing down on the American economy.

    For example, unscrupulous businessmen often employ illegals because of their below the radar status so these firms can reimburse these laborers at rates lower than that proscribed by law. But when these workers are granted an occupational legality equivalent to that enjoyed by all other citizens and properly documented aliens, won’t those now bestowed the right to remain here through the alchemy of legislative and bureaucratic hocus pocus have to be given the same pay and workplace protections as everybody else?

    More likely, these guidelines will be altered or overlooked in their entirety to drag us all down to the squalor and poverty characteristic of the Latin American barrio.

    Been giving the boss some lip about not getting a raise; you better watch out. Not only can you be replaced with a foreigner that will work for a pittance of what you make and who will not only be beaten gladly with a rubber hose but also endure being denied potty breaks as well.

    Refuse to accept that identification chip? No problem. We’ll see just how long you’re able to last excluded from all economic participation, or as Revelation 13 puts it, “ one could buy or sell unless he had the mark.”

    Whereas the globalists claim to have the best interests of the migrants at heart only to use these laborers in pursuit of their agenda to turn the entire planet into one giant slave plantation, at least those opposed to the system of immigration (both legal and illegal) as it currently stands think enough of their counterparts originating outside this nation to force them to abide by the system of laws to which all people are to be subject.

    For one is dishonest with those one is dismissively contemptuous, not with those one respects as a fellow human being. Furthermore, if all men really are created equal, shouldn’t they be expected to adhere to properly constituted law irrespective of their pity parties or sob stories? To grant them a waver from these statutory expectation is an admittance that deep down one believes those of the population in question to be an inferior breed of the human species incapable of rising to the standard everyone else is expected to adhere to.

    In the circles that study the methods through which freedoms are lost and nations undermined, there is a concept credited with being Hegelian in origin known as “order from chaos”. According to the strategy, those in power allow conditions to deteriorate to the point where the people clamor to have an iron fist clamp down around them.

    No doubt about it, the current immigration crisis did not come about unintentionally. Rather it is part of a deliberate plan to bring about the end of the United States and to eradicate human liberty from the face of the earth.

    --Frederick Meekins
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    This is a scary article. For years I've often commented on the illegals in this country to people and so often I've heard "Well, someone wants them here." Citizens of this country must wake up to this madness and fight or we are all doomed.
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    This whole chip idea is silly! It won't happen in our lifetime. Not even worth worrying about - I'm not that paranoid, not yet anyway.

    Plus, chip or not, I strongly believe that most of us don't want a massive guest worker program. Actually, some of us don't want any guest worker program! Personally, I believe all immigration should be cut off for several years until we get our current problem under control (plus it'll give us time to do some serious deporting).

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Bio-chips are not the way to go. They are promoted to promote the profits of some lost soul who believes in nothing but money. The chip is the mark of the devil. We will all become slaves if they are implimented. Personally, I will die before they tag me.
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    This article is silly and caters to the paranoid. Just to humor the thought -there would be no way we could force just illegals to get a chip because that would be racist. No one in their right mind would ever get such a thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MW
    This whole chip idea is silly! It won't happen in our lifetime. Not even worth worrying about - I'm not that paranoid, not yet anyway.
    How many of you remember when you didn't get social security numbers for your children RIGHT AFTER THEY WERE BORN? I remember!!!!

    How many of you know that YOU DON'T HAVE TO get one when they are born? Yet, most people do!!!!

    The American public is pretty gullible if the idea is framed correctly. All you have to do is say that It's to protect the children and most Americans will do it.

    Did you know that people are already allowing "biochips" for their credit cards?

    I believe it'll happen fairly soon. And the excuse will be to protect our children from "whatever".

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