Historic Unite to Fight II Summit to fight illegal immigration May 27, 28

The historic Unite to Fight II summit will be held in Las Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend May 27 and 28 when concerned citizens, activists, and leaders from across America will Unite to Fight illegal immigration!

Tickets, Registration and More Details Found at Wake Up America

The summit follows last year's historic summit where the leaders and activists from across America met to discuss and plan the course of the immigration enforcement movement. We emerged from last year's historic summit with a new and unprecedented level of communication and cooperation among immigration enforcement groups. Congressman Tom Tancredo was our keynote speaker last year.

This year the keynote speaker will be Congressman Steve King (R-IA). As most of you know, Congressman King has been one of the public's best friends on the illegal immigration issue. He has stood up for enforcement and solidly opposed amnesty for illegal aliens.

Our friend Mark Edwards of KDWN AM 720 TALKRADIO and his Wake Up America Foundation have put together a great list of speakers at a wonderful facility. Mark has been one of the leading radio personalities in America supporting our cause. We need to show him our support by turning out a big crowd.

ALIPAC's William Gheen will be speaking at this event on Saturday and helping to organize the national movement for enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

For those that can attend, please help us spread the word and start booking your rooms and flights as soon as possible.

Tickets, Registration and More Details Found at Wake Up America

Guest Speakers at the Event include


o Jim Gilchrist: Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Founder of the Minuteman Project
o Charles Heatherly: Senior Aide, Immigration and Homeland Security for Congressman Tom Tancredo: Topic: The End of Sanctuary Cities
o Mike Harris [R]: Candidate, Governor of Arizona
o Robert Vasquez: Canyon County Idaho Commissioner
o Ezola Foster: Author, WAF Board of Directors, 2000 VP Candidate
o Linda and Nathan Muller: ForTheCause.us and WeHateGringos.com
Topic: Throwing Da Bums Out: The Herndon, Virginia Victory
o William Gheen: President, Americans for Legal Immigration
o Reilly Chase: A 13 year old patriot from CA who dared to bring an American flag to school, and Mike, his Minuteman father
o Barbara Coe: California Coalition for Immigration Reform
o Gianluca Zanna: High Desert Minutemen
o Michael Cutler: Former INS Supervisor
o Lupe Moreno: Activist and Candidate for California State Senate
o Al Garza: Exec. Director Minuteman Civil Defense Corp-MMHQ
o Chris Farrell: Judicial Watch, Special Investigator
o Darlene Fitzgerald: Former Customs Supervisor, Author of “Border Gate”

7:00pm Terry Anderson:
Tribute to Madeleine Pelner Cosman

Keynote Speaker:
U.S. Congressman, Steve King - Iowa

8:30-10pm Cocktail Party


o Christopher Hansen [IAP]: Candidate, Governor of Nevada
o Jerome Corsi: Co-author of “Unfit for Command” and Co-authoring a book with Jim Gilchrist
o Neville Cramer: Former INS Agent, Author of “Fixing the Insanity”
o T.J. Bonner: President, National Border Patrol Council
o Rick Oltman: Western Regional Director, FAIR
o Terry Andersen: Prisoner of South Central, Los Angeles radio talk show host
o Glenn Spencer: Long time activist and Founder of American Patrol and American Border Patrol
§ Joan Molinaro: Son, Firefighter Carl Molinaro, murdered at World Trade Center 9/11 Families for a Secure America
§ Peter Gadial: Son James, age 23, murdered at World Trade Center, North Tower 103rd Floor-9/11 Families for a Secure America
§ Bob and Bonnie Eggle: Son Chris, U.S. Park Ranger, was murdered by an illegal alien on the border
§ John and Peggy March: Son David, a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, was murdered by an illegal alien

Tickets, Registration and More Details Found at Wake Up America

SPECIAL REQUEST: We need a strong crowd of supporters and participants to be at this Summit. For those that absolutely cannot make it, we would like to provide online video of the speeches. ALIPAC is leading the initiative to attempt this broadcast. We need technicians that can help us with this historic project. If you have experience in videotaping and providing streaming content on the web, please contact us immediately.

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