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Homegrown Terrorism Begins at Homeland Security Department

By Jerry McConnell
Saturday, June 26, 2010

The most totally biased and inefficient government official at any level is unquestionably Janet Napolitano the Homeland Security Agency Secretary. She really isn’t even capable of being a secretary to the Secretary. And I might add, she is one scary woman.

This misfit was picked by an unqualified Chief Executive who in turn was picked by millions of unqualified people. That is what is supposed to make this travesty legal and proper; where it is neither.

Obama, our sorely lacking Commander-in-Chief, selected Ms. Napolitano to be a part of one of the most anti-Christian and anti-American presidential cabinets in the history of our once great, but now diminishing country.

If nothing else, this group of advisors that should be providing correct and sensible advice to the president is the most non-effective, perverse and full of pot-holes bunch ever to mislead and misinform a president in more than 234 years.

The latest example of her curious logic as offered as a homeland security rule is:

Unable (or unwilling?) to provide adequate protection to the American people, Ms. N now wants to monitor the Internet communications industry. She and her political party are unwilling to act properly by exercising strict surveillance on terrorists already in this country as well as the hundreds, thousands, or millions flowing freely and unfettered across our porous borders every hour of every day of every year.

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