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    How the asylum invasion allows the cartels to flood us with criminals

    How the asylum invasion allows the cartels to flood us with criminals

    February 27, 2019

    Daniel Horowitz


    It’s not just five-year-old children coming to our border, as depicted in many media accounts. Every week, we see more examples of violent criminal aliens in this country who have often been deported multiple times but find their way back into the country while our border agents are drafted into babysitting services for Central American migrants. This point was brought to the forefront last week when the Yuma sector Border Patrol caught two individuals with guns at our border within 48 hours.

    Last Tuesday, according to CBP, while “a group of 25 Guatemalans made up of family members and juveniles surrendered to agents several miles east of the port of entry” in San Luis, Arizona, three Mexican human smugglers were caught bringing in six other Mexicans. They were caught with several loaded 9mm pistols, and the Special Operations Division was sent out to interdict them.

    This was a very significant development, according to retired Texas Department of Public Safety Captain Jaeson Jones. In an interview with CR, Jones said he believes these people who come in armed while Border Patrol is dealing with the family units are working for the cartels. The question is how many more we don’t catch. “Firearms carried by smugglers into the United States bring extreme risk to our law enforcement and citizens,” said Jones. “Smugglers carry firearms into the country to protect high-value commodities that usually belong to higher-ranking members of the Mexican cartels.” Jones explained that the concern of them reacting in “desperation” to protect goods for the cartels is “why you see more specialized law enforcement units like Special Operations Division being utilized to arrest when intelligence indicates firearms are being used by smugglers.”

    Jones told me his concerns about cartel smuggling were further confirmed when less than 48 hours later, CBP recovered another firearmfrom a multinational group arrested in the same area. Here is a picture of the firearm posted by CBP:

    agents recover 2nd firearm amongst human smugglers in less than 48 hours. #NationalSecurity #SouthwestBorder ;

    — CBP Arizona (@CBPArizona) February 21, 2019

    Notice the aftermarket changes and personalized markings on the weapon, from the initials to the diamond shapes on the polymer grips. Jones believes they are very significant. “Given that Mexico has some of the most stringent gun laws in the world, the only people carrying weapons will be those in authority or members of the cartels.”

    Jones observed that the aftermarket personalization of the firearm is a hallmark of cartel weapons. “This weapon has had multiple enhancements like an aftermarket trigger, the slide has been cut to reduce slippage during manipulation under stress by the shooter, and the grip has diamonds cut into it to indicate wealth. … These are classic signs of the cartels.”

    Now, consider the fact that the Border Patrol chief just testifiedyesterday before the House Judiciary Committee that 68 large groups of 100 or more Central American families have come over the border so far this year compared to 13 during the entire fiscal year 2018. Can you imagine how many more cartel and criminal elements were able to slip in while our agents were tied up, just as bad as the guys caught in Arizona?

    We need not imagine. We see this every day in interior crimes committed not only by those whom we fail to deport, but by those who are deported and make it back into the country.

    Last week, in Napa County, California, a sheriff’s deputy was nearly killed when an illegal alien fired at her at point-blank range during a traffic stop. Javier Hernandez, an illegal alien from Mexico, had an extensive criminal record. He was arrested for DUI and battery on a peace officer and had four ICE detainers placed on him, but got away because California is a sanctuary state. This is the all-important story of sanctuary cities and interior enforcement on display. But it’s also about border security. Hernandez was previously deported three times! How was he able to get back in?

    There are examples of this huge problem every week.

    Bionel Cervin-Gomez, another Mexican illegal alien, was arrested over the weekend for a hit-and-run homicide of an eight-month-old unborn child in Florida after allegedly driving while drunk and without a license. These stories go untold every day, as was the story of one mother, Aileen Smith, who related on my podcast last year her tragedy of losing her unborn child in an illegal alien drunk driving wreck. In this case, he was already previously deported. My wife just had to spend five hours one day this week waiting in line to renew her driver’s license because of the need to prove identity, while illegal aliens are able to break all our laws and steal identity with our own government accommodating it.

    In another example of criminal aliens getting back into the country, the Justice Department just successfully convicted a Honduran illegal alien for re-entering the country on top of state rape charges. Juan Ramon-Vasquez was deported to Honduras in 2009, but came back again. In 2014, ICE placed a detainer on him, but the city of Philadelphia let him go. He went on to repeatedly rape a child. Once again, the mix of sanctuary cities and the ability to re-enter the country undetected is creating the ultimate public safety problem.

    How do people like that keep entering our country? They do so while our Border Patrol is used as a hospital, babysitting service, bed and breakfast, and transportation hub for the world’s migrant populations. Nobody truly knows how many criminals come in undetected, and nobody even knows all of the illegal aliens who commit crimes but whose identities are covered up by sanctuary cities and judges. But clearly, it’s easy for even those with prior criminal records here to continuously come back.

    Over the weekend, Tucson sector Border Patrol encountered 10 small groups totaling 75 people who, “in stark contrast to the large groups of Central American family units surrendering in recent months,” were “wearing camouflage clothing to avoid apprehension” in more remote areas. Thanks to the National Guard serving as a force multiplier, they were apprehended, but again, how many more are not?

    This is why we not only need more border fencing and beefed-up military presence, but an end to all cross-border migration, which Trump can shut down through use of his executive and delegated authority to shut off all immigration. Just remember, every time you see a new caravan of poor Central Americans, another murderer, rapist, drug trafficker, and armed robber is able to sneak in with the help of cartels and transnational gangs so they can harm more Americans.
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