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    IA-29 farmers sign letter in support of Postville plant

    29 farmers sign letter in support of Postville plant
    By TONY LEYS • • August 3, 2008

    Agriprocessors Vice President Sholom Rubashkin gave The Des Moines Register a copy of a letter of support last week signed by 29 northeast Iowa cattle farmers.

    Another Agriprocessors executive cited the letter as evidence of local good will earned by the company's contributions to the local economy.

    One of the farmers said he did not know who wrote the letter, but he said a company representative asked him to sign it.

    Here is the text of the July 28 letter:

    "Dear Agriprocessors (Sholom R),

    "We the farmers of the four-county area would like to let you know that we do appreciate all that you and your company has done in the past and hopefully the future. We as farmers need competition in the cattle industry, whether it is in the country selling our cattle or if it is in the sales barns. Without your buyers, we can see a 3 to a 5 cent per pound difference for our cattle. Also without Agri, more than just the farmers feel the hurt. It trickles down to everyone in the area. So with this short note, we hope you feel the support. Thank you."

    Farmer Alvin Hageman of Ossian said a cattle buyer who works for Agriprocessors presented the letter to him and asked him to sign it.

    Hageman said the company provides an important market for cattle farmers. He said he is unsure what to make of allegations that Agriprocessors exploited its workers.

    "They probably did do a few things, bent a few rules," he said. "But I don't know that it was that bad."

    Farmer Ryan Collins of Harpers Ferry, who also signed the letter, said it was being passed around by farmers at the Allamakee County Fair last weekend. He said the company generally has been good for the area, although he is withholding judgment on the allegations against it.

    "I guess I don't approve if they were helping people get into the country illegally," he said, adding that Agriprocessors possibly should increase employee pay so it can attract and retain legal workers. ... /1001/NEWS
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    Wake up farmers!

    I wonder if the stupid farmers that signed that letter really understanding what they are signing.....

    FAIR projected annual fiscal costs to Iowa taxpayers to be 21,000,000 in taxes this year just for illegals emergency medical care, education and incarceration. This number is only going to get larger if Iowa encourages illegals to work in their state.

    So while the farmers think that the “slave labor
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    How many

    How many millions of Americans will sign a letter saying depart ALL illegals, confiscate their property to cover costs, jail/fine employers who hired illegals.

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