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Thread: If Joe Biden wants amnesty, he needs to enforce existing immigration laws

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    If Joe Biden wants amnesty, he needs to enforce existing immigration laws

    If Joe Biden wants amnesty, he needs to enforce existing immigration laws

    March 19, 2021

    Robert Robb

    What is happening at the southern border illustrates the problem of non-enforcement as an immigration policy.

    Joe Biden is making a mistake by appearing soft on the border

    And it illustrates how not enforcing existing immigration laws renders the case for a general amnesty for those currently in the country illegally more difficult to make.

    It doesn’t matter whether the conditions at the southern border are described as a crisis, an emergency, a challenge or merely difficult. These are word games politicians use to score, and deflect, political points.

    What is important to acknowledge about conditions on the border is that they do not constitute a country in control of its perimeter. Or a country in control of who comes into the country and under what circumstances.

    © Alejandro Tamayo, TNS Asylum-seekers have set up tents as they settle in at El Chaparral port of entry…That’s a governmental failure of a primary duty and responsibility.

    Biden renews policy to turn a blind eye

    The Obama administration had an official policy of non-enforcement of immigration laws. Deportations were limited to those in the country illegally who had committed other serious crimes.

    The Trump administration overturned that policy. This was more symbolic than substantive. Given limited resources, the priority remained those illegal immigrants who committed other serious crimes. But turning a blind eye to immigration violations per se was no longer official policy.

    One of the first things Joe Biden did as president was to impose a 100-day moratorium on deportations. This was obviously a way station to reimposition of the blind-eye Obama policy.

    The Biden administration also began reversing the Trump administration’s policy of requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their hearing date. It takes a very long time to get an asylum hearing, sometimes years. The previous policy, which the Biden administration is in the process of restoring, admits asylum seekers into the country until their hearing date, effectively providing temporary legal status.

    Under the old policy, a minority of asylum applications that got to hearing were approved. And many applicants never showed up for the hearing.

    The appeal of getting into the United States fairly quickly and being granted temporary legal status pending a hearing is obviously orders of magnitude greater than a long wait in Mexico for a hearing date to roll around. Unsurprisingly, there has been a surge of asylum seekers and others at the southern border, overwhelming the federal government’s resources to deal with them.

    Want a deal? Make this the last amnesty

    And so, immigration is back to being a polarizing political issue.

    Now, I favor a general amnesty for those currently in the country illegally. And I think that there is a way to make this the last amnesty. If all employers were required to electronically verify work eligibility of new hires through the federal government’s E-Verify system, it would close off the access of illegal workers to the formal economy. And that would sharply reduce the potential benefit of being in the country illegally.

    An out-of-control southern border, however, makes it politically more difficult to advance this idea.

    That’s not because it makes congressional Republicans less willing to cut a deal.

    There is enough passionate opposition to a general amnesty among GOP base voters that a grand, bipartisan bargain on comprehensive immigration reform isn’t in the cards. The Republican cry of “enforcement first” is hollow. Most of them will never get to “legalization second.”

    Creating the political space for amnesty

    Instead, the adverse political effect is on public acceptance of a general amnesty, more broadly considered than GOP base voters. If there is a perception that the southern border is out of control and federal officials aren’t willing to enforce current immigration laws, there will be greater skepticism and hesitancy about a general amnesty.

    This is subtle and not a direct logical nexus. But it is real and politically consequential.

    Politicians have a sense about public sentiment regarding such things. If the public isn’t ready to accept a general amnesty, congressional Democrats in swing districts and states will shy away. As, reportedly, is already occurring behind closed doors.

    And the handful of congressional Republicans who might be willing to support a general amnesty under the right circumstances won’t go near it.

    If the Biden administration wants to create the political space for consideration of a general amnesty, it has to take enforcement seriously. That means getting control of the southern border and not turning an official blind eye to immigration law violations in the interior.
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    There should be NO more deals. Every one of them need to be deported.



    No "deal" on Amnesty #8 or ever again.


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