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    IL: Chicago's 'sanctuary' status

    In response to Lake County using 287g, Mayor Daley defends 'sanctuary city' Chicago.

    Daley defends Chicago's 'sanctuary' status ... S2.article

    September 19, 2008


    Chicago Mayor Richard Daley defended his city's stance on illegal immigration Thursday, hours after Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran blasted Chicago as a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants.

    In promoting the Sheriff Office's new deportation process for illegal immigrants, Curran told reporters that Chicago and the state don't do enough to prevent illegal immigration into this area.

    "The city of Chicago, as well as the state of Illinois, has shown little interest in cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (officials), choosing instead to ignore the problem, or worse to pander to special-interest groups and their sympathizers," Curran said at a late-morning news conference.

    Earlier in the day, Curran shared similar views on WLS radio. Responding to those comments, Daley said it is not the job of the Chicago Police Department to deport immigrants.

    "Immigrants do not commit the high percentage of crime that sometimes those anti-immigrant groups (claim)," said Daley. "They're hard-working, family-oriented, very religious and (have a) commitment to the American dream."

    In 1985, Mayor Harold Washington issued an executive order prohibiting city employees from enforcing federal immigration laws. The move was to protest the federal government's decision to question people seeking city services and conduct random searches of city records in an effort to find undocumented immigrants.

    Daley affirmed the executive order four years later and, in 2006, the City Council made the order a law.

    An ICE spokeswoman said three federal agents are stationed at the Cook County Courthouse every weekday. They review arrest records of those born outside the United States. If they determine that an immigrant is here illegally, immigration puts a hold on them.

    When asked about ruffling the feathers of other governmental bodies, Curran said it didn't bother him.

    "I call it the way it is, and I'm not going to mince words because someone's feelings might get hurt," the sheriff said.

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    how many legal illinoisans are killed per year by IA's? gotta be 100's.

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    The US Supreme Court ruled in 1889. in Chae Chan Ping v United States, that state and local governments CAN NOT contradict federal immigration policy. Does anybody know if later decisions have altered this?
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    This was Posted earlier, please reply at
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