Illegal Alien Freed into U.S. by Bidenís DHS Charged with Killing Young Mother, Toddler

by JOHN BINDER 7 Feb 2024

An illegal alien, released into the United States from the southern border via President Joe Bidenís parole pipeline, is now charged with killing a young mother and her three-year-old daughter in the sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Brayan Alejandro Gonzalez-Paez, a 22-year-old illegal alien from Venezuela, has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, accidents involving death while driving without a license, and more charges for the deaths of 20-year-old Anjelica Guadalupe Amaya Briceno and her three-year-old daughter.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorneyís Office, Briceno and her daughter were in the vehicle with Gonzalez-Paez ó driving without a license at the time ó when he struck a tree, which killed both of them.

Gonzalez-Paez was driving 70 to 80 miles per hour (mph) where the speed limit was 35 mph. Police noted that it was raining heavily when the fatal crash occurred. The toddler was not in a childís car seat.

FOX 29 Philadelphiaís Steve Keeley reports that Gonzalez-Paez had crossed the southern border in May of last year, was given parole, and released into the U.S. interior thanks to Bidenís expansive catch and release network.

In 2023, alone, Bidenís parole pipeline freed more than 745,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities ó a foreign population that exceeds two months of U.S. births.