by Lana Shadwick
31 Mar 2015

An illegal alien was sentenced to ten years in federal prison for attempting to transport a fourteen-year-old girl across the country with the intent to have sexual relations. He was arrested at the Jacksonville, Florida, airport while waiting to pick up the child he believed was arriving on a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada. When questioned by police during the investigation, he admitted to law enforcement that he had entered the country by paying a smuggler to help him cross the border in Laredo, Texas.

A criminal complaint obtained by Breitbart Texas (attached below) shows that Javier Guerrero Molina, 34, was charged in connection with a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 2423(a) and 2423(e) which prohibits the transportation of a minor across state lines for the purpose of engaging in prostitution, or in any sexual activity. The complaint reveals that Molina, a Mexican citizen who is also known as Javier Sanchez, had entered the United States illegally and never had a visa or any other legal status in this country. The minor female is referred to as J.B. in the criminal complaint.

Molina was arrested on May 30,2014. After his plea bargain agreement in December, 2014, Molina was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, according to a press release by the FBI dated March 30, 2015. The sentence was handed down by United States District Court Judge Timothy Corrigan. Corrigan was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush in 2002.

Molina advised the investigators during an interview that he began dating J.B. more than one year ago with the approval of the girl’s mother. He said the mother initially expressed concern about his age (33 at the time). Her daughter was only 15-years-old. He said she eventually gave her blessing and even “accompanied them on some dates.” He said they were a couple for about one year before the girl and her family moved to Las Vegas. He said he was not able to go to Las Vegas because he shared custody of his minor daughter and had a construction job. Molina also said J.B. “gets along well with his daughter.”

Molina was arrested at the Jacksonville International Airport by police. They had learned that a child had disappeared from her home in Las Vegas and was believed to be travelling to Jacksonville. After investigating, police learned there was a minor female by that name travelling unaccompanied on a one-way ticket from Las Vegas to Jacksonville with a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. Police intercepted the child at the Charlotte airport and prevented her from boarding the flight to Jacksonville. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Jacksonville shortly after midnight. Police found Molina waiting in the terminal. Upon questioning at the airport, he admitted he was waiting for the minor female. He was subsequently detained and questioned.

Molina told investigators he had a sexual relationship with the young girl that involved fondling and “one penile-vaginal sexual encounter.” He said their last sexual activity occurred a few days before she moved to Las Vegas with her family. He said he was expecting the sexual relationship to continue when J.B. returned to Jacksonville. He said he “wanted to make a life with her.” He said he never had sexual relations with her before she turned 15. Molina repeatedly stated J.B. turned 15 in January, 2014. The girl’s age at the time of Molina’s arrest was 14.

When police initially questioned Molina at the airport, he said he was waiting for a passenger named “Mia.” He attempted to convince police he was there to pick up someone other than J.B. At the time of his arrest he had a Mexican ID card that was issued by the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando, Florida. He also had an international driver’s document. Both documents identified him as Javier Guerrero Molina.

When police questioned J.B., she did not mention that she was traveling to see Molina. After they showed her text messages from Molina she said he was her “boyfriend” and that he was 30-years-old. She said they attempted to keep their relationship a secret since they both knew Molina would be in trouble because she was only 14-years-old. She eventually admitted that he had touched her while she was at his house and no one was around. She also stated she had sent him pictures with her clothes off “or otherwise pornographic” pictures. She said he had not asked for them but that she just sent them to him. She admitted that Molina had sent her nude or “otherwise pornographic” pictures via cell phone. She eventually admitted to having vaginal sex in Florida with Molina.

J.B.’s aunt informed law enforcement about J.B.’s disappearance. The aunt, who lives in Jacksonville, told police that J.B. had disappeared from her home in Las Vegas and that her family believed she was travelling to Jacksonville to meet up with “Javier Sanchez.” She said the family believed Sanchez had been involved in a sexual relationship with J.B.

Evidence was obtained that showed Molina had sent money to J.B. to pay for her flight to Florida. The money was wired via Western Union to J.B.’s cousin because the cousin had an identification card they could use to receive the money. She then purchased the airline ticket.

The case was investigated by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority Police Department, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Jacksonville and Charlotte, the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, and the Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office.