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    Illegal Alien Sexually Victimizes Twelve-Year-Old Girl

    Illegal Alien Sexually Victimizes Twelve-Year-Old Girl
    Wednesday, 27 August 2008

    Mesa, AZ - The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit arrested and booked into jail 24-year-old Jesus Martinez on 1 count of child molestation, a class two felony and on four counts of sexual abuse, class three felonies.

    Sheriff’s deputies began investigating the sexual abuse and molestation after the young victim’s mother found the 24-year-old illegal alien and the child kissing after the twelveyear- old left home, without permission to meet with him, at a late hour.

    The victim told her mother that Martinez took her next to a tractor and began kissing her on the mouth and neck. The suspect kissed the victim’s breast area, where he left a “hickey
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    sounds pretty violent to me Sheriff . But your the Boss so if you feel like getting all the rapist in to pink underware , go for it . please
    Nam vet 1967/1970 Skull & Bones can KMA .Bless our Brothers that gave their all ..It also gives me the right to Vote for Chuck Baldwin 2008 POTUS . NOW or never*

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