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    Illegal convicted of child abuse gets 15 years in Prison ... wtopic&f=6

    Local man convicted of child abuse sentenced to 15 years in state prison
    By Tim Hudson E-E County Reporter

    A local man has been sentenced to serve 15 years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for his role in the sexual abuse of a local 3-year-old girl.

    In total, District Judge Janice Dreiling sentenced Fermin Almazan Garcia, 27, to 20 years with 15 to serve for the crime of child sexual abuse.

    Additionally, Garcia must register as a sex offender, complete sex offender treatment and anger management and have a mental health evaluation.

    He will also have to pay a $500 fine, a $250 victim compensation and pay $522 restitution for the girl’s therapy.

    Garcia had entered a blind plea of guilty to the charge on Nov. 28. At that time he told Dreiling that he had abused the girl because he was angry with her mother.

    According to Oklahoma law, Garcia will be required to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence.

    According to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case, the allegation came to light In June of this year.

    After an off-hand comment by the child alerted her mother to possible abuse, her mother immediately confronted Garcia, who initially denied the allegations but later admitted that he was guilty of the actions. He reportedly told the woman that he wanted to “make it right,” the affidavit states.

    The mother of the child then called police and reported the incident and informed them that Garcia was an illegal alien.

    At Garcia’s sentencing hearing on Thursday the victim’s mother described confronting Garcia on the issue. She described Garcia as looking “caught” and said that “he said go ahead and kill me like you always said you would if someone did this to your child.” She further said that Garcia had told her that while he was in Mexico two men had “did this to his daughter and he had killed them.” While on the stand later in the hearing, Garcia denied having killed anyone.

    When asked how much time she thinks Garcia should spend in prison, the victim’s mother said she didn’t know an exact number but “something to where he couldn’t do this to anyone else.”

    Garcia later said that he was “very sorry” for the incident.

    When announcing her sentence, Dreiling said, “I don’t believe that I have ever had anyone stand before me and say that they sexually molested a child because they were ticked off at their mother.” She called Garcia’s behavior “simply inexcusable.”

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    Yeah, these illegals have such moral and family values. NOT. This is beyond disgusting and he should be castrated! What do parents teach their children in Mexico and South America.

    I would even urge every American citizen not to date an illegal alien. Your only asking for heartache and trouble.

    I will pray for this poor child and all children who have endured such a horror.
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