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Thread: Illegal immigrant children, families surge in July

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    Illegal immigrant children, families surge in July

    Check out how many of the women are pregnant in the picture!

    Illegal immigrant children, families surge in July

    In this July 12, 2014, photo, Central American migrants ride a freight train during their journey toward the U.S.-Mexico border in Ixtepec, Mexico. The number of family units and unaccompanied children arrested by Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley ... more >

    By Stephen Dinan -
    The Washington Times -
    Friday, August 12, 2016

    The number of illegal immigrant children and families crossing the border surged again in July, combining for the worst month so far in 2016, according to Border Patrol statistics released Friday.

    More than 7,500 people traveling in families were nabbed in the southwest, and another 5,068 children traveling alone were also caught at the border, as Central Americans continue to flee their troubled home countries, pushed by violence at home and drawn by the hope that Obama administration policies will allow them to stay in the U.S.

    The numbers are all the more troubling because they show an increase just as the peak of summer hit — a time when, officials say, the hot weather usually tamps down on the flow. But July saw increases in both children and families.

    Perhaps anticipating the surge, the Obama administration last month announced a series of new programs designed to allow children and their extended relatives to apply for passage to the U.S. from their home countries. The goal is to pressure them into safer routes, rather than have them make the harrowing journey through Mexico.

    Homeland Security officials saw a glass-half-full situation in the numbers, pointing to a slight drop in the overall number of illegal immigrants caught — which slipped 2 percent from June to July — as evidence things may be turning in the right direction.

    “Overall apprehensions by the Border Patrol in July along our southwest border – an indicator of total attempts to cross the border illegally – fell during the month of July, although apprehensions of unaccompanied children and family units increased somewhat from June. These trends are generally in line with seasonal patterns we have observed in previous years,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Homeland Security agency that oversees the Border Patrol, said in releasing the numbers.

    The Obama administration is trapped in between conflicting political pressures on immigration, and has tried to cut a
    middle path, allowing almost all illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. to remain without fear of being deported, and instead targeting those still trying to cross now.
    But mixed messages have hurt that goal, with many would-be crossers from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala believing they can ask for asylum once they reach the U.S. An increasing number are, indeed, being granted at least initial protections, enticing more to try.

    Human rights groups have said the entire category of illegal immigrants from the worst countries of Central America should be granted refugee status, preventing their deportation.

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    Human rights groups have said the entire category of illegal immigrants from the worst countries of Central America should be granted refugee status, preventing their deportation.

    How unrealistic - they don't even fit into our "refugee" status requirements. And who will pay for all of them for their entire lives as they continue their irresponsible over populating ways - one baby after another?

    Human rights groups need to focus on the native country and demand human rights there so these people can stay in their own countries. Is the USA a bottomless pit? No, it isn't, our seniors are denied medical treatments as are our veterans. Seniors that have saved money have to fork it up for treatments, facilities . They have to fork over tens of thousands when denied a claim.

    That is a human rights tragedy happening to OUR citizens - to hell with other countries - send them some money and it is on them to rise to the occasion & straighten out their mess, we have our own. They are just bringing their mess of drug cartels, rapists, child molesters, overpopulation, diseases into our land.

    It seems the open border globalists are causing strife in poorer countries to facilitate this redistribution of wealth. Unfortunately we are losing our sovereign country, our culture, our quality of life, as is Europe. There is no assimilation required either to these millions now here - and it is a non stop flow. Worst potus in our history - an absolute turncoat, sellout. He was put in office to do these things - he was and is a NOTHING.
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    Of course, in the United States where people have freedom, communities can successfully take on gangs. They can pressure the police to form anti-gang squads, they can ask the government to provide community resources, they can personally take measures to ensure that their homes--and families-- are safe from gang attacks. They can keep a loaded weapon handy, which is universally known around the world as a very effective deterrent against teenage gangs.

    But no. In Latin American countries they are sooo totally helpless. What happened to their reputation for machismo? Gonna let a scrawny 16 year old terrify and boss you around? Heck even the Beverly Hillbilles knew that Granny with a shotgun was a pretty darn effective way to keep the peace!

    On the diplomatic level our government, via the Department of Justice (head: Loretta Lynch) actually does offer anti gang training to police officers of other countries, including the ones sending these youth. To my knowledge it is excellent training and does not cost much. And for the several thousands of dollars that these families raise to adios to the USA couldn't they start a business? Maybe even a personal protection business. Maybe a Guardian Angels spin-off? Why are they so helpless?

    Instead of a foreign policy where we throw in a few million for anti-gang training, we show them how to form community protection programs, we encourage them to assume personal protection of their homes and families---we end up budgeting nearly $100 billion per year in enforcement costs and incarceration costs for people who have no business to be here in the first place.
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