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Thread: Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes

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    Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes

    Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes

    Incarcerated gang members. (Image: FBI) more >

    By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Friday, January 30, 2015
    One thousand of the 36,000 illegal immigrant criminals the government released in 2013 have gone on to commit other crimes, including child sex abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley.
    The information, which the Homeland Security Department provided to Mr. Grassley, details all 1,000 convictions including dozens of drunk-driving convictions, drug offenses and weapons convictions. But the more serious crimes include domestic abuse, carjacking and aggravated assault.
    One of the illegal immigrants, identified as No. 960, was subsequently convicted of inflicting injury on a domestic partner; child cruelty, with the possibility of injury or death; probation violations; speeding; driving without a license; and failing to appear for court.

    SEE ALSO: ICE tracking illegal immigrants with GPS-enabled ankle bracelets

    “The Obama Administration claims that it is using ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to prioritize the removal of criminal aliens from this country. But this report shows the disturbing truth: 1,000 undocumented aliens previously convicted of crimes who the Administration released in 2013 have gone on to commit further crimes in our communities,” Mr. Grassley said.

    The information comes just a month before Mr. Obama begins taking applications for the new amnesty he announced in November, which would allow up to 4 million illegal immigrants to apply for a stay of deportation and for work permits to be able to compete legally for jobs.

    The 1,000 illegal immigrants in the data were part of a group of 36,000 convicted criminals that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been holding but decided to release in 2013.

    Those illegal immigrants had amassed nearly 88,000 convictions among them, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions and 16,070 drunk- or drugged-driving convictions.

    At the time, ICE officials said some of the releases were required by a federal court decision that prevents them from holding illegal immigrants whose home countries won’t take them back. The government said three-quarters of those convicted of homicide had to be released under court guidelines.

    Mr. Grassley this week introduced a bill to change the law and overturn the court decision.

    Read more:

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Boy, pictures and facts are worth a 1000 words, aren't they? 1000 crimes? Tell me why any politician or government official of any kind would want to do anything to help these people in our country in violation of US immigration law, let alone let them sign up for welfare, attend our schools, use our hospitals, drop anchor babies at the expense of our Medicaid program, steal jobs from Americans, deflate our wages, run drugs and gangs and operate all types of illegal enterprises, drive on our streets, use our utilities, increase demand for housing and goods and services they can't pay for, and commit crimes and crimes and crimes and crimes, TELL ME WHY??!!

    There's only one reason WHY. They're on the take with the cartels behind this travesty turning our nation into an outhouse and using our taxes, jobs, wages, lives and future generations to pay for it.

    Only Callous Traitors lining their pockets on unimaginable levels would do such a thing to their own country and fellow citizens.
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    I am an American who does not understand other Americans. An invasion approved by Presidential signature in 1986 is still ongoing against Americans and America's sovereignty. The invaders are committing heinous crimes constantly and continuously but never yet have American's rose up to fight back in kind?

    Americans and politicians have no excuse for ignoring this attack upon America. I warned of these consequences in the 70's and 80's. It was like words uttered to deaf ears. Today the facts are undeniable, our children are being cheated of quality education, being raped and murdered by the invaders. However, Americans still are content to leave it to the children to solve at some later date once they become of age. I would not hesitate to consider that child neglect, when it would be much easier to stop the invaders today than it will be in another 15 to 25 years into the future.

    I challenge parents to be responsible to their children and their future! After all, it is the legacy that you will be remembered for in history, and only you can decide if it will be one of good will.
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    GOP Silent As Obama’s Illegals Cause Crime Wave

    2:30 PM 01/31/2015
    Neil Munro

    President Obama unleashed a nation-wide crime wave when he directed his deputies to release 36,007 foreign criminals back into Americans neighborhoods in 2013, instead of repatriating the criminals, according to a list of crimes released Friday, Jan. 30.

    But GOP senators kept the list secret until after Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, completed her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

    Had the list been made public at the hearing, GOP senators could have pushed the media to focus on the huge cost of Obama’s 2010 decision to minimize enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

    But that attention would have also increased public pressure to reject Lynch, who is supported by Democrats and their allies in the media. There’s little or no evidence that Republican leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, want to reject Lynch, or to encourage a 2016 debate on Obama’s business-backed — but very unpopular — push for greater immigration.

    Currently, Lynch has open support from a few Republican senators, and is on track for confirmation, despite her endorsement of Obama’s decision to not enforce popular immigration laws.

    The newly released list describes criminal convictions that were won against 1,000 of the 36,007 foreign criminals who were released — but not repatriated — in 2013.

    The 1,000 criminals’ convictions included 196 drunk-driving charges and 57 other driving offenses, 88 theft, 69 burglary and 24 larceny charges, 26 assault charges and 35 charges of battery, 178 drug charges, two rape charges and at least four auto thefts.

    The list of 1,000 criminals does not identify the American or legal immigrant victims of Obama’s convict-and-release policy. It may be only a partial description of the havoc wrought by Obama’s criminals, and it does not include crimes where there were no convictions, nor crimes committed after the list was completed.

    Additionally, the list of 1,000 criminals does not say whether it includes all crimes committed by the released illegals, nor whether it includes all illegals who were convicted of crimes after being released, nor does it even detail the time period during which the crimes were committed.

    Instead, the list simply says “the following table provides a breakdown of convictions associated with the 36,007 criminal aliens placed in a non-custodial setting in fiscal year 2013. The convictions occurred following release from ICE custody.”

    Grassley released the data when it would be least likely to make a big media splash, and he released it two days after Lynch appeared before Grassley’s committee.

    At the hearing, Lynch endorsed Obama’s low enforcement policy, and even said that all foreigners have a right to compete against Americans for jobs in the United States.

    “I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here,” she said.

    Established media outlets did not publish her radical views, which are opposed by roughly 90 percent of Americans, including GOP voters.

    If Grassley — or the GOP leadership — had wanted to highlight the crime data, he could have asked nominee Loretta Lynch to say if she supported the release of foreign criminals back into U.S. neighborhoods.

    Instead, the data was hidden from reporters until late Friday, which is considered a good time to dump unwelcome news because it is less likely to be widely disseminated.

    Grassley released a short statement on Friday.

    “The Obama Administration claims that it is using ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to prioritize the removal of criminal aliens from this country.

    “But this report shows the disturbing truth: 1,000 undocumented aliens previously convicted of crimes who the Administration released in 2013 have gone on to commit further crimes in our communities.

    “I will continue my work to ensure our immigration officials are doing what it takes to take criminal aliens off our streets and out of our country,” Grassley said.

    The dramatic data likely will be ignored by established media outlets, especially because Obama releases his budget request on Monday.

    In response to prior complaints about the release of the 36,007 criminals, administration officials say they must release the criminals into American communities, because their home counties do not accept returned criminals.

    However, U.S. officials have not used potential tools to force foreign countries to accept the return of criminals. Those tools include curbs on the award of rich people from countries that do not accept the return of their murderers, rapists, thieves and drug smugglers.

    Immigration issues are expected to play a major role in the 2016 elections, largely because of the economic impact on ordinary Americans of the huge inflow of foreign workers.

    In November 2014, almost one in every five U.S. jobs was held by a foreign-born worker, up from one-in-six jobs in January 2010, according to federal data highlighted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

    But GOP leaders and Democratic leaders want to focus the public’s attention on other issues. For example, House Republicans focussed their weekend message to the public on the less dramatic issue of student debt.

    “In the new Congress, Republicans are working to lower costs for middle-class families and empower folks with bottom up solutions that help prepare you for the future,” said the Jan. 30 message delivered by Rep. Lynn Jenkins, heard of the House Republican Conference.
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