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    Illegals Cost Maryland Taxpayers Millions

    September 08, 2007
    Illegals Cost Maryland Taxpayers Millions

    Last Reporter
    Chet Dembeck

    Illegals_climb While many Maryland elected officials would like to ignore the millions of dollars the unrestricted influx of illegal aliens is costing state taxpayers, Last Reporter is combing various government documents in order to bring those figures to light.

    There have been repeated attempts by several Republican delegates to Maryland General Assembly to fund a study that would give the state's taxpayers an accurate estimate of what they are paying for the 225,000 to 275,000 illegal aliens who have already breached our country's and our state's borders.

    However, the are killed by liberal Democrats every year, so if you are interested in finding out what this quiet invasion is costing, you must learn to extrapolate various numbers from the few documents available.

    Incarceration costs

    For example, the federal government has paid Maryland compensation under the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which was established in 1994.

    The program is designed to compensate states and local jurisdictions for incarceration of illegal aliens.

    Since 1994, the feds paid Maryland about $11 million in taxpayer funds, which only covers about 40% of the cost for jailing these illegals!

    That means Maryland taxpayers got a chance to pick up the $12 million to $15 million balance that Uncle Sam didn't cover with -- again -- taxpayers money.

    Education costs

    According to the latest estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in 2004, it cost Maryland taxpayers $281 million a year to educate illegal aliens and their children.

    Costs to support illegals will continue to mushroom

    FAIR estimates that when you add in medical costs to the equation, Maryland taxpayers will pay $551 million per year to support its illegals and about $1 billion annually by 2020. ... terch.html

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    these numbers are just astronomical.... how in the world does the Democrat's get away with this
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