Letter to the Editor of Washingington Post:

Immigration: Enforcement or Accommodation?

Monday, September 24, 2007; Page A18
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I am dismayed by the obvious disregard for the illegal status of many of our area immigrants. Why would jurisdictions refuse to ask about the legal status of drivers who break the law or otherwise fall outside normal behavior? What is not understood about the term "illegal immigrant"? Isn't it a crime to be in this country without permission?

Is there another agenda? Perhaps our local politicians think they need to accommodate illegal immigrants with the notion that it will lead to more Democratic Party voters.

There is a deeper issue we need to consider: the additional burden on our entitlement programs.

Social Security and Medicare are on a collision course with insolvency, without the addition of 12 million illegal immigrants.

If our politicians do not realize the danger we face if we do not confront our growing illegal-immigration problem in Northern Virginia, they are doing taxpayers a disservice by not looking out for our interests.

Fairfax, VA