Immigration group targets Kirk for voting with "Gang of 8," endorses Marter

WASHINGTON - The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC endorsed Illinois' GOP challenger James Marter over incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Kirk this week, saying Kirk is a "target for removal from office" because he supported the Gang of Eight's infamous amnesty bill in 2013.

"Thank God the true American conservatives stopped Senator Mark Kirk's illegal immigrant amnesty bill in the U.S. House," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Kirk listens to the voices of the Democrats and Chamber of Commerce instead of his Republican constituents on the issues of amnesty and illegal immigration."

Gheen said his group will do all they can to help Kirk's GOP opponent James Marter.

Kirk's "support of Rubio and Obama's amnesty bill should cost him the support of most Republican primary voters," Gheen said.

Kirk also voted to fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty orders, Syrian refugee resettlement, sanctuary cities like Chicago, and EIC tax refunds for illegal immigrants by voting for the Omnibus funding bill of December 2015.

On ALIPAC's federal candidates' survey, Marter promised to support America's existing immigration and border laws instead of any kind of "immigration reform" amnesty that would permanently undermine America's laws and borders.