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    ALIPAC Endorses James Marter for US Senate Against Amnesty Supporter Mark Kirk (R-IL)

    ALIPAC Endorses James Marter for US Senate Against Amnesty Supporter Mark Kirk (R-IL)

    January 14, 2016

    Contact: | | (866) 703-0864

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing James Marter today in his bid to unseat the illegal immigrant amnesty supporting Senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk.

    US Senator Mark Kirk is a target for removal from office on ALIPAC's "Cantor List" because Mark Kirk was one of only 14 Republican Senators that actually voted with all the Democrats to pass the Gang of Eight's amnesty bill S. 744 in 2013. Senate Bill 744 would have given 10-20 million illegal aliens in America a path to citizenship, voting rights, and eventual dominance of US elections.

    Senator Kirk's S. 744 S. would have cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars in future federal expenses, while leaving our states open to further invasion and larger future waves of unstoppable illegal immigration. The bill, backed by Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama would have also cost millions of Americans their jobs, while causing American wages to fall even lower, and would have increased the number of Americans being killed by illegal immigrants each year due to the nonenforcement of our existing immigration laws that are undermined by such amnesty legislation.

    "Thank God the true American conservatives stopped Senator Mark Kirk's illegal immigrant amnesty bill in the US House," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Kirk listens to the voices of the Democrats and Chamber of Commerce instead of his Republican constituents on the issues of amnesty and illegal immigration. We will do all we can to help James Marter retire Senator Mark Kirk whose support of Rubio and Obama's amnesty bill should cost him the support of most Republican primary voters. Eric Cantor never actually voted for amnesty like Senator Kirk has!"

    Senator Kirk also voted to fund Obama's unconstitutional amnesty orders, Syrian refugee resettlement, sanctuary cities like Chicago, and EIC tax refunds for illegal immigrants by voting for the Omnibus funding bill of December 2015.

    James Marter is endorsed by ALIPAC because his campaign completed the PAC's 2016 Federal Candidates Survey in which Marter promises to support America's existing immigration and border laws instead of any kind of "immigration reform" amnesty that would permanently undermine America's laws and borders.

    ALIPAC is one of America's largest grass roots organizations fighting to support existing immigration and border laws while fighting against illegal immigration, amnesty, and the corrupt politicians that support both! Comprised of legal immigrants and Americans of every race, party, and walk of life, ALIPAC played a key role in the defeat of GOP incumbent Eric Cantor in 2014.

    In 2016, ALIPAC hopes to remove more corrupt GOP and Democrat incumbents that support amnesty from office using volunteers, voters, donors, the Cantor List targeting strategy, and campaign manger Zach Werrell who defeated Cantor while working for Dave Brat.

    For more information or to schedule interviews please visit

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