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    Immigration Headlines [5 ITEMS!]—Iranian Assassin, Haiti Still In The Hole, And Mayor

    Immigration Headlines [5 ITEMS!]—Iranian Assassin, Haiti Still In The Hole, And Mayorkas’s Lies, Etc.

    Former Agent

    I had missed this little item in the flood of news about the border.

    It reminds me of when I first joined the Border Patrol. At muster one day (roll call to everyone else), a Supervisor was reading off an alert that the Gulf Cartel was offering $30,000 to anyone who assassinated a Border Patrol Agent. (The first time we heard about them offering money for a hit, we were worried, by the time we had heard it the third or fourth time, we took it as a joke).

    So, one of the Senior Agents piped up, “Can anyone collect?” In this day and age, he would have added, “Asking for a friend.” We all cracked up. Every office has office politics and we always had some Agents feuding with others. So, if an Iranian assassin is in the United States to kill former Trump officials, could I offer him a few suggestions?

    Seriously though, if Iran wants to stop the United States from attacking it, assassinating Mike Pompeo would likely backfire on them. They would need to be able to pass the blame off on someone else like an angry Trump supporter, or, Antifa member.

    I’m seeing a lot of memes online about Trump calling Haiti a disaster with colorful language. Notorious liar Dick Durbin of Illinois claimed that Trump referred to Haiti as a “shithole”. Liberal outrage ensued. However, Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue were also there at the meeting and they both claimed Trump said no such thing.

    It reminds me of a story told by Alice Cooper. He was performing in Toronto when someone threw a live chicken on stage. He threw it back into the crowd and the crowd tore the poor bird to shreds.

    The rumor mill picked it up and claimed that Cooper had bit the head off a live chicken on stage.

    Alice Cooper got a call from Frank Zappa and was asked about it. Alice Cooper said something like “Good God No! I didn’t bite the head off a chicken.” And, Frank Zappa told him, “Don’t tell anybody that. They love it.”.

    Trump may not have called Haiti a shithole, but everyone left or right knows it’s actually true and Trump is media savvy enough to keep his mouth shut about Dick’s lie.

    Representative Veronica Escobar (D-Juarez) made a more articulate case that immigrants don’t commit crime as much as native US citizens do.

    This is going to be the tactic the left moves forward with to help the invasion during the upcoming election. She’s right in a way, and Republicans better come up with a better counter attack then merely pointing out the crimes of illegal aliens.

    IMO, even if illegal immigrants and legal immigrants committed no crime, they still should be deported and encouraged to leave.

    Their numbers still drive down wages for the middle class, add burdens on schools, hospitals, roads, and housing. Sure, publicize the Laken Riley’s of the world too, but don’t forget about all the other damage immigrants do just by being here.

    The Democrats will be labeling the Republicans “RACIST” in order to get that open border and keep that open border. If you are against open borders, you’re a Nazi, get it. That smear is nothing new, but it works on the naïve, so, they keep doing it.

    Everyone knows that Alejandro “The Border is secure” Mayorkas is a complete liar.

    The Republicans with significant prodding by their base have finally voted to impeach him.

    However, impeaching isn’t going to stop the Cuban from destroying America as best he can. They’ve subpoenaed him. Perhaps, if they can find Mayorkas in contempt, they can try Mayorkas in a red district and send him to jail like the Left is doing to Peter Navarro.

    One can dream anyway.

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