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    Immigration lawyer demands firing of immigration union official

    12:06 PM 03/27/2013
    Neil Munro
    The Daily Caller

    The general counsel of a wealthy industry group is angrily calling on President Barack Obama to fire an union activist who is urging Congress to incorporate union members’ views in a pending bill that is now being written in secret.

    The industry leader is an immigration lawyer who helps companies import low-wage foreign workers, while the union leader is working with a Republican leader to shield American workers from low-wage competition by illegal immigrants.

    David Leopold, the general counsel of the America Immigration Lawyers Association, aimed his March 26 invective at Christopher Crane, the serving president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council. The council is an AFL-CIO affiliate that represents 7,000 federal immigration officers and employees.

    Crane is also an employee of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

    “How do you spell #insubordination? … Time for ICE to demand union boss Chris Crane’s badge & show him the door,” Leopold tweeted Tuesday.

    “This attack on Mr. Crane is both ignorant and offensive,” responded Stephen Miller, an aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has helped Crane present his case in Washington D.C.

    “Crane, a former Marine, is a patriot who is faithfully executing his professional duties as the president of the ICE Union,” Miller said in a statement to The Daily Caller. “Mr. Leopold is evidently unaware of what a union does: in this case, representing the interests of the brave men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

    As chief counsel for the AILA, Leopold normally advocates for the interests of the 12,000 lawyers who are paid to help millions of foreigners win a slice of American citizenship, complete with access to education, welfare, health-care and retirement programs.

    Leopold linked his angry tweet to a news report about Crane’s March 24 call for Congress to seek the advice of his border agents while writing the still-secret immigration bill.

    “When Washington discusses immigration reform it seems like business and advocacy groups are closely involved while professional immigration agents with real world experience, training and knowledge regarding the immigration matters facing our nation are not heard,” Crane wrote in a March 24 letter to Congress.

    “One of our chief concerns is that our current political leadership, particularly [ICE Director John] Morton and [Homeland Security Secretary Janet] Napolitano, have repeatedly undermined our ability to enforce duly enacted immigration law,” he wrote in the letter obtained by The Daily Caller.

    “Our officers have been placed in the position of having to choose between following the law or risking the loss of their jobs, pensions and means of supporting their families,” Crane added.

    Leopold’s angry reaction to Crane also linked to another article Leopold wrote in August 2012 article for the Huffington Post.

    Crane “engaging [is] in a pattern of open insubordination designed to thwart the president’s effort to deport dangerous criminal aliens and national security risks … [and his] knee-jerk, mutinous reaction to President Obama’s immigration enforcement policies is narrow minded, short sighted, and misses the point,” Leopold claimed.

    Crane is “out of touch with its own members [and] is hell bent on maintaining the status quo — indiscriminate arrest, detention, prosecution, and deportation of immigrants,” said Leopold.

    Those charges are remain valid, Leopold told TheDC.

    One Old Vet - Veterans, Guns, Illegal Immigration, Border Security

    Immigration lawyer demands firing of union official | The Daily Caller
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    I sit here remembering when we once was allowed to vote on major decisions concerning new laws..If the majority of Americans really want to legalize the illegals in this country and give them voting rights why not have a special vote on it?
    Put it in front of the taxpaying citizens of this country seeing how it will eventually affect all of us taxpayers. just an idea. That would be the true democratic way of handling this immigration problem. Better than letting the big business and unions tell our elected officials what to do.

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    Crane is “out of touch with its own members [and] is hell bent on maintaining the status quo — indiscriminate arrest, detention, prosecution, and deportation of immigrants,” said Leopold.

    Isn't this his job?

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