Junius, yes I understood that about the legals and green cards, but the purpose of the Passport Check is a Passport Verification. If Homland Security thinks it is necessary, then it is not appropriate for the President to leave a "hole" in their plan. Passport Checks were common in Europe. When I was there, we had to flip it out at every country we went to. Because those countries are small, sometimes in our travels, we went through 2 or 3 Passport Checks in 1 day.

I don't give a hoot about Mexicans being late for our pubic schools. What are they DOING in our public schools to begin with if they live in Mexico and are coming through the border check?

Are you telling me that regular residents of Mexico are sending their kids across the border in to US Public Schools everyday? Please confirm. That is not part of the US Supreme Court Ruling.

No wonder California is falling apart...what is going on???

I think we should close the border too. And only let a truck through after it's been checked for drugs and illegals. I don't care if it hurts the economy. They just have to plan a longer delivery schedule and they are already making a ton of money on the cheaper manufacturing of goods there, so it won't impact our economy, it will just make the drivers of the trucks gripey while they wait in line. We wait on freeways for hours after their careless driving fish-tails their load across 4 lanes of interstate traffic, so I don't care.

Stealing these jobs on this side of the border is hurting our economy much more. Only the liars, cheaters and thieves are saying that beefing up national security would hurt our economy.