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    Iran-Mexico reach agreement on creating joint economic commi

    Iran-Mexico reach agreement on creating joint economic commission
    Madrid, July 22, IRNA

    Iran-Mexico-Joint Commission
    Iran and Mexico reached an agreement to set up a joint economic commission next year.

    In a meeting between Iran's new Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Qadiri-Abyaneh with Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Lurdes de Aranda the agreement was achieved.

    Qadiri also invited Mexico to attend the Non-Aligned Movement foreign ministers meeting in Tehran on human rights and cultural diversities.

    Iran's plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador to Mexico expounded on Tehran stances on regional issues, especially Iraq and the results of Iran-USA negotiations about Iraq security and said Islamic Republic of Iran policy is to support national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq.

    Mexico deputy FM, for her part, said her country's policy is to support peace, security and independence of the countries and has always defended negotiation and dialogue as a way to solve disputes between the countries.

    The Mexican senior diplomat also expressed her country's readiness to expand ties with Iran especially in cultural and economic fields.

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    Oh boy this can get me more furious. Good enough that these traitorous bastards politicians and their cronies want to merge us with Canada and Mexico, but now Iran can easily ride on Mexico's coat tails upon this North American Union crap.

    This should now be a grave concern to all of us that Iran is now having relations with Mexico. We must continue our fight against any bill and politician who will destroy our great nation. The more I keep seeing news like that and seeing what is happening, the more I hate that traitor Bush. It is good enough we had to deal with Clinton and his deal with China with our technology for campaign money. Now Bush is beating Clinton in treason. I have enough of Democrat and Republicans. They are the same, and must be kicked out soon before they do more harm to our country.

    Mexico never was our friend. Thru out their history Mexico has always sided with communist countries. Many of our politicians are selling out our country, however there will be dire consequences for them. History has always shown us that the first one that were eliminated where always the first one who helped the individual(s) get to power. There is no doubt, the very elite who are behind all this global crap, are the ones who will make those order. The politicians who are willing to be betray their own country, are capable of betraying the one who rules. Again as history has shown us, there is only one solution to that problem.

    Please forgive if that may sound mean and offensive, but look what Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Yasar Arafat, etc. Who were the first one to go? nope, it wasn't their people. It was the ones who helped them get to the position they are in. Then came the people.

    God!!! We probably wouldn't be dealing with this crap had the Japanese gotten to the first Bush much earlier.

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    I am a conservative republican

    And I have to say George W. Bush has to be the most incompetant / idiotic and worst leader this nation has ever seen in all of it's glorious history.

    The sad part is I voted for this moron and also see him as a corrupt man.

    We as a people deserve a leader capible of leading this country. This man is only interested in making his dollers from his big business and special interests groups.... well the SPP will line him and his families pockets as well

    Impeach this fool before he drags this country down ... the middle class is crushed to the point that this country can no longer support itself and the Robber Barrons run away with this countries wealth and we the people no longer exsists
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