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    John Cornyn Flip Flops, supports Path to Citizenship Amnesty with his Bogus Amend.

    **Note, bottom line is Cornyn's amendment still gives near instant amnesty before citizenship or any real border security.


    Immigration: Gang of 8 member sees Sen. John Cornyn “in play” as Cornyn files 134-page border security amendment

    By Todd J. Gillman
    June 12, 2013

    “I don’t think it’s a poison pill,” Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said over breakfast with reporters. “He has said publicly, he said again in our lunch meeting yesterday, `if my amendment is adopted I will vote for the bill.’ He has said that on a number of occasions and I believe him.”WASHINGTON – A GOP member of the immigration Gang of Eight vouched today for Sen. John Cornyn’s sincerity in trying to beef up border security elements without killing the plan.

    If Cornyn, the deputy GOP leader, embraces a path to citizenship for 11 million people in the country illegally, that would provide huge political cover to many other GOP lawmakers, though Democrats and immigrant advocates say he’s being disingenuous and predict he would back away from such a deal as he has in the past.

    Cornyn unveiled language this morning of the “RESULTS Amendment” he announced last week. The 134-page plan would replace the triggers in the Gang of Eight bill with much tougher standards, allowing green cards and a 13-year path to citizenship only after the government is monitoring the entire US-Mexican border, and catching at least 90 percent of people who cross illegally.

    His plan puts governors of Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona in charge of certifying whether the border is secure, rather than Washington.

    Over breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Flake called it “unlikely that he’ll get his amendment as it is. What we’re trying now is to find areas that we can agree on.”

    Cornyn asserted Tuesday that backers of the immigration deal wouldn’t be talking with him about his amendment if they already had 60 votes rounded up. Flake took some issue with that.

    “I’m very confident of getting to 60. But we need more than 60. We can pass this out with 60, 61, 62, but that doesn’t do us much good in the House. So we still are on the hunt for votes,” Flake said, adding that depending on what amendments the Senate adopts, “There are a large number of Republicans in play.

    Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democratic member of the Gang of Eight, warned that efforts to strip the most contentious element of the deal – a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million people in the country illegally – is nonnegotiable.

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried unsuccessfully to strip citizenship from the bill during committee hearings and will try again on the Senate floor in coming weeks. He reiterated Tuesday that he views the citizenship provision as a way to ensure defeat in the House.

    Bennett called the path now in the deal tough, fair and lengthy.

    “We can’t have a path to citizenship that simply won’t happen or somebody can block unnecessarily,” he said, alluding to concerns about Cornyn’s amendment, as well. “The bottom line for us is that we need to make sure the pathway is real and that people are assured that whatever triggers are in place don’t make the path to citizenship a fantasy. That’s not anything any of us would support.”


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    Let your Senator know you are not stupid enough to fall for this: Gives legalization first!!! And, will not be enforced! That is why it is not a "poison pill"---no poison, just lies aimed at duping the public and supposedly giving cover to RINO's.

    This bill must not reach the House!!!

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    I voted for Cornyn last time but next time I will go in a different direction if he continues down this road, a third party may be the only answer for Americans who believe in a free, strong America.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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