by TOM WRIGHTMonday, October 30th 2017

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A man who is in the U.S illegally is beginning a ten year sentence for intoxication assault.

Caesar Acosta drove the wrong way on Highway 73 and crashed head-on into another vehicle.
The crash seriously injured another driver.

Judge John Stevens told Acosta he not only hurt the man he injured in the accident, but he also hurt those trying to get their legal immigration status.

In a pre-sentencing interview, Acosta said he would drink 30 beers at a time but didn't think he had an alcohol problem. He also has a previous DWI conviction and three other DWI charges pending. He may have gone back to Mexico to avoid the charges then re-entered the US illegally.

The victim's family witnessed Monday's sentencing. In February of 2016, Acosta drove the wrong way on Highway 73 and hit Nick Keng. Keng's father was driving in another car in front of Nick and swerved out of the way, but Nick couldn't avoid the on-coming car and suffered a serious leg injury.

"It just so much easily could have been worse," said Beth Keng, Nick's mom. "But people just don't think when they drink.

They don't care about anyone else. And you know, it's just, just something that Nick will have to live with for quite some

The added charge of use of a deadly weapon guarantees Acosta will serve five years of his ten year sentence. His illegal status will be dealt with after he serves his prison time