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    Lame-Duck Amnesty

    Lame-Duck Amnesty

    Investor's Business Daily
    November 18, 2010

    Forget about jobs and tax cuts, very high priorities for American citizens.

    Lame-duck lawmakers, at the president's urging , will concentrate on a "path to citizenship" for the children of illegal aliens.

    Expiration of the Bush tax cuts will impose a large job-killing, $3 trillion tax increase on a beleaguered economy reeling from near-double-digit unemployment.

    The necessity of finding a solution is paramount.

    So what's atop President Obama's agenda?

    Meeting with leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss passing the Dream (development, relief and education for alien minors) Act, a bill that has nothing to do with jobs and taxes, but a great deal to do with rewarding Obama's illegal immigrant political base and ensuring an unending stream of Democratic voters.

    This is nothing other than an amnesty bill.

    Under it, illegal aliens who enter this country before the age of 16 and have successfully evaded the law for five years are given conditional green-card status that can later be converted to regular green cards.

    They are only required to complete two years of college or military service.

    Then more green cards can be acquired for the parents who brought their children here illegally. Which further rewards their parents for bringing them here.

    And once they've all been granted citizenship, then they can bring all their un-ending relatives to the U.S.

    Those immigrants who've waited patiently, and legally, for their green cards will still have to go to the back of the bus and wait while the open-border parade passes them by.

    These are not children who were born here after their parents sneaked past the Border Patrol; the argument there is that birthright citizens shouldn't be punished for the sins of their parents.

    No, these are children who were born elsewhere and smuggled in before their 16th birthday.

    To reward this corrupt illegal behavior would encourage more to come, and there is no shortage of human smugglers in Mexico who would be happy, for a fee, to assist.

    The smuggled ones and their families, of course, would be eternally grateful.

    "A lot of this is about demographics," says Sen.-elect Rand Paul, R-Ky. "If you look at immigrants from Mexico, they register 3-to-1 Democrat, so the Democratic Party is for easy citizenship and allowing them to vote."

    But what about the people who wait patiently overseas and break no laws to get here?

    No citizenship for you!

    A top advocate of the Dream Act is Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois.

    After meeting with the president, he issued a statement saying it would be "a down payment on comprehensive reform, and we will continue working towards comprehensive immigration reform today, tomorrow and until it passes."

    "Comprehensive immigration" is liberal-speak for continued open borders and more amnesty.

    Gutierrez crowed that three re-elected U.S. senators -- Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Michael Bennett -- "and many other Democratic candidates in state and federal races, owe their jobs to the support of Latino and immigrant voters" who demand payback.

    As they say, elections have consequences.

    Jobs and tax cuts may have to wait for Americans and legal U.S. citizens.

    Americans and legal immigrants are beginning to wonder what benefits accrue to being an American citizen when illegal aliens and their offspring are treated better than law-abiding citizens.

    So are we. ... 72&start=1

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    I emailed this to my two Senators and my Congressman.

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