Large Migrant Groups Run from West Texas Border Agents — Get Caught

by BOB PRICE 25 Sep 2021

Border Patrol agents in the Big Bend Sector of West Texas report that large groups of migrants continue to run in an effort to escape apprehension. The agents say the fleeing migrants are no match for their speed and they apprehended all of them.

The National Border Patrol Council — Local 2509 tweeted a photo of agents apprehended a large group of migrants wearing camouflage they apprehended near Van Horn, Texas on Friday night. “Subjects ran, Border Patrol Agents ran faster!,” the Border Patrol union officials reported.

National Border Patrol Council-Local 2509

Large group of illegal aliens arrested in Van Horn last night. Subjects ran, Border Patrol Agents ran faster! 30 illegal aliens arrested in total.


2:46 PM · Sep 25, 2021 from Texas, USA

The group of thirty migrants reportedly ran from the agents in an attempt to avoid arrest after illegally entering the United States. The Van Horn Station agents caught up with the migrants and placed them in custody.

A few days earlier, the local Border Patrol union tweeted images of another large group of migrants fleeing from agents assigned to the Van Horn and Sierra Blanca Border Patrol stations. The photos show the migrants all wearing camouflage to attempt to blend into the local vegetation. “Border Patrol agents caught them all,” the union officials tweeted.

National Border Patrol Council-Local 2509

On Aug 26, 2021, Van Horn & Sierra Blanca #BorderPatrolAgents arrested a large group of #illegalaliens all wearing camo. Illegal aliens ran, Border Patrol caught them all. #borderpatrol#BorderCrisis

10:19 PM · Sep 19, 2021 from Texas, USA

In August, the latest report available, Big Bend Sector agents apprehended nearly 1,700 migrants in Texas’ most remote border sector. During the first 11 months of the current fiscal year, these agents apprehended nearly 35,000 migrants, an increase of more than 380 percent over the previous fiscal year.