Largest Drug Bust in San Juan History

Reported by: Eddie Flores
Last Update: 10:26 pm

(2009) SAN JUAN - Investigators continue to comb through thousands of pounds of marijuana seized following a high speed chase.

Officers tried to pull over a mini-van for speeding. When the pursuit ended the driver, 25-year-old Saul Brisenio Rodriguez was arrested. Another man escaped on foot.

Police over a thousand of pounds of marijuana in the van.

The investigation led them to a home where they found more than 3,000 pounds of pot. Another search warrant on a warehouse turned up nearly 4,000 pounds of the drug.

In all they seized 8,384 pounds of marijuana worth $6,700,000.

Investigators say this is an unusual seizure inside the city limits.

"These kinds of seizures, this large of an amount is uncommon in a neighborhood area," says Chief Juan Gonzalez

Police say a seizure this large will make a difference in the drug trade. ... tGXsQ.cspx